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Hongkong Disneyland & Universal Studios Singapore : From Fantasy to Reality

Hongkong Disneyland & Universal Studios Singapore : From Fantasy to Reality

imageIn every country or city I visited one of the few things I looked for is their themed parks. I am not only a traveler but an adventurer too. I am the type who loved to experience different kinds of thrill and would like to conquer my fears whatever it takes. And of course we all have that “kid in us” who just wanted to fulfill our long time fantasies and relive those moments when we were still young.
image imageIt may sound weird because I’m a guy but the first themed park I longed to visit is Hongkong Disneyland. Ever since I was a child and I know all of us was once dreamt of becoming a prince or a princess and since then I aspire to visit Hongkong Disneyland. And this dream became reality when I was bound to Dubai and had to stay in Hongkong for 2 days. The first thing that came to my mind was Disneyland. I was totally in awe when I finally set foot in this magical kingdom. What amazed me in my entire visit there that brought out the child in me is during the “Disneyland Flight of Fantasy Parade” it was totally awesome. I couldn’t explained or describe to you my feelings at that time when I saw all my favorite Disney characters walking in front of me. Up to now the experienced I had there made me smile whenever I think of it because you would never believe me when I say I sing along with those kids around me the theme song of Disneyland. I never felt ashamed or whatever you may call it coz I’m enjoying every moment of it until night time came. The highlight was Disney in the Star fireworks it was so grand that it leaves me speechless for a couple of minutes watching those projections in the castle.
Anyway, there are 2 kinds of tickets being sold here the Standard Day and the 2-Day tickets.For Standard Day it’s HK$539 for General admission and for 2-Day it’s HK$739 for General Admission. For further details regarding ticket ranges you may visit Hongkong Disneyland website.
imageTo young adult and those kids at heart whatever your gender may be I suggest to visit Hongkong Disneyland even once in your life and I guarantee you will cherish every moment of your stay there and you will be coming back to Disneyland. Like me it was like I’m living those fantasies of my childhood a dream that became a reality.
imageAnother theme park I was able to visit just recently is the Universal Studios in Singapore. If Disneyland is more of a fantasy animated type, Universal Studios for me is more like of a Sci-Fi attraction coz it’s mostly based on movies and offers a different kind of thrill. If you are a fan of Transformers, Jurassic park et al then Universal Studios is the best place for you. One of the many things I will never forget there is “The Museum” it’s as if you were really in ancient Egypt with all those structures that lined up going inside the Pyramid. As shown in the pictures you can tell how stunning the view really is. For sure you will be static when you were there living like an Egyptian.
imageAside from the Transformers, you can also try other intergalactic rides an out of this world ride that will make you scream like there’s no tomorrow. Though it was really scary I was still able to ride one of those and tried to conquer my fear coz in the first place that was one of my reasons why I travel to explore places, meet different people and conquer the fear of the unknown.
imageThe entrance fee or Standard One Day Pass is S$74. For more information regarding ticket details you may visit Universal studios Singapore website.
Universal studios in Singapore is something you won’t regret of going. The experience is priceless and it’s worth keeping for. Memories that you can be proud of sharing to your friends. My only advice is for you to have a VVIP access so you won’t waste your time queuing for a single attraction same as in Disneyland. Though it may cost you a little extra but it’s fine than losing your whole time queuing and not able to try all the rides.
I know not all of us have that once in a lifetime chance to travel places but don’t lose your hope in achieving your dreams. Life may not be a fairytale like those attractions present in those two parks but holding on to your childhood fantasies and striving hard who knows in the near future you will be living your own fantasies that everyone dream of.

Why you must Travel to Singapore

Why you must Travel to Singapore

What’s there to look forward to Singapore? A plethora of choices. The foods, the people and the sceneries. Singapore is one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia, considering its size. You can take a trip all around Singapore in just one day! However, if you are planning your next trip, make sure to consider Singapore. If you want to take a great travel escapade, Singapore has a lot to offer.

Take a look at these reasons why you must consider visiting Singapore. Singapore is simply irresistible. Read on to know more about the beauty of this country, and what you can do when in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands

Why Singapore Is A Must-Visit Country?

You won’t have a dull moment in Singapore – Singapore has entertainment for local and foreign tourists all year long. The jam-packed events calendar of Singapore means that you will get amazing entertainment options regardless of the month and season you will visit. One good example of a popular festival in Singapore is the Chingay Parade. It’s a spectacle showcasing multicultural dance and music. Likewise, Singapore is a must-visit for sports buff. It hosts major international events like the WTA Finals, Formula One and World Rugby Sevens Series.

Don’t miss out on Singapore’s spectacular architecture – In Singapore, you can have the best of both worlds. You can check out the old architectural feat of the country, as well as the popular tourist destinations and shopping malls. Don’t miss out on the skyline in Singapore. Visit it at night and you can get a viewing pleasure from the lights of these amazing skyline.

A food haven – Did he say food haven? Yes, that’s Singapore for you. If you love foods on your travel, you will surely love Singapore. Singapore’s food choices are diverse. The influence of the neighboring countries can be felt, and tasted from their food offerings. Street foods are a hit in Singapore. While you are in the country, be sure to wander around and try these street foods for yourself. Likewise, they have top-rated restaurants if you are a bit of a classy person. Every year, Singapore hosts a Food Expo, where thousands of food enthusiasts gather to offer amazing dishes to everyone.

Singapore nightlife is simply out of this world – If you’re tired from a day’s stroll in Singapore, you can sit down and simply enjoy the nightlife. Singapore is known for its amazing nightlife. Go bar-hopping. Dance the night away. Or, you can simply sit with your friends over coffee and enjoy what Singapore has to offer. You have all the choices, so make sure to make your stay worthwhile.

Every shopper’s dream destination – If you are into a shopping spree, look no further. Singapore is totally a paradise for shoppers. No extra cash? No problem. The choices in Singapore cater to every shopper. You can buy luxury items, or you can visit thrift shops and get your money’s worth. Regardless, you get to find all the exciting purchase to meet your shopping craving. You can even shop at the Changi Airport! It has a wide range of shopping outlets for everyone!

A diverse culture – Singapore has become the destination of travelers from its neighboring countries, as well as the western nations. Singapore is where different cultures meet, talk and have fun. There is a wide range of cultural and religious festivals throughout the year. Plus, you can meet new friends along the way. Singapore is indeed a country worth visiting.

So, what do you think? Is Singapore the next travel destination that you wanted to visit? With these reasons, you can totally understand why the country has become one of the top destinations for tourists.

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