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Palawan : World’s Best Island

Palawan : World’s Best Island

We cannot deny that Palawan is the last frontier of the Philippines and this is proven with its stunning natural beauty. Every year, this place continues to captivate the attention of millions of tourists worldwide because of its inviting views and attractions that surround the entire region.
With the impressive and flourishing tourism industry within Palawan, there are now different types of resorts, accommodations and restaurants around the area. Of course, the Internet likewise offers trusted websites that provide tour packages in Palawan with great discounts.

In most cases, these available tour packages include the following enjoyable activities:

• Mountain/Cliff Climbing
• Scuba Diving
• Kayaking
• Trekking
• Island Hopping and a lot more to enjoy


Besides these mentioned tour attractions, tourists who visit this wonderful place are spending time in exploring and witnessing the famous St. Paul Subterranean Underground River. It features the breathtaking views of the different stalactites and stalagmites formations that surround the cave. In addition, the island of Palawan boasts the most interesting ecological attractions with the countless of existing fauna and floras around the place.

For people who love to experience breathtaking wreck diving, the best place to visit in Palawan is Coron. According to the history of this wonderful place in the northern part of the island, a lot of Japanese shipwrecks sinked back in World War II sunk are found within the northern coast of Coron. Because of this, millions of tourists particularly those wreck divers are visiting Palawan to discover the shipwrecks with rich natural corals and reefs below the ocean.
With the stunning and colorful marine life, it is definitely enjoyable to discover the underwater sights of Coron. Of course, thousands of photographers across the globe are likewise visiting here to take advantage of the impressive beauty of Mother Nature in Palawan Island.

Another enjoyable outdoor adventure is the available snorkeling activities. For the past years, thousands of tourists who visited here do not forge to experience island hopping and snorkeling. Usually, they visit the Barracuda Island for a thrilling experience in discovering the almost 40 feet long barracuda sight. Of course, there are different existing reef and corals on the sunken ship in this area, which easily capture the attention of worldwide tourists.

Without any doubt, an opportunity to visit and explore Palawan reveals the beauty of the Island with its numerous ecological sites. Aside from the usual trekking sites, cliffs and mountainous peaks, this place gives you a stunning view of the remarkable white-sandy beaches around the island. They also consider this as an interesting sanctuary in the Philippines because if offer different endangered species such as the Palawan Peacock, Palawan Mouse Deer and Cockatoos.

Palawan : An Escape to Always Remember

Palawan : An Escape to Always Remember

Palawan has always been included on the best islands in the world for years now and just recently it landed on the second spot behind Boracay island. It’s a dream paradise for locales and foreigners alike. 


Aside from its famous top of the line white sand beaches and pristine turquoise water, one of the new seven natural wonders of the world is located here The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River.
Palawan can be reached by plane and ferries from neighboring cities that is traveling alternately on a daily basis. It will take you an hour and 20 minutes by plane from Metro Manila to Puerto Princesa the capital of Palawan.
So what made Palawan then one of the best islands in the world? One of our family friends who is now living in The Netherlands who recently visited the Beautiful island of Palawan made a 7 minute compilation video of their getaways and escapades in the island.

Jerry and Lhanie Abad Family
Jerry and Lhanie Abad Family

The video has all it takes to prove why Palawan deserves the title and included in the list. Jerry and Lhanie showed in the video everything they experienced even the smallest details that would make Palawan a memorable place to visit. From freshly caught seafoods to snorkeling. From Riding a motorcycle to gliding down thru the longest zip line in the country you will be awe of what you will see on your side, a creator’s masterpiece ,a spectacular sight to behold.

Please click the link below to view the video :


Thus, It’s really more fun in the Philippines with its more than 7 thousand islands to choose from, Every tourists won’t be run out of place and adventures for every island has its unique and distinct things to offer.  

Jerry and Lhanie Abad Family
Jerry and Lhanie Abad Family

Just like Jerry and Lhanie Abad and their beautiful daughter Alexa, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this island paradise as much as they did and would keep on coming back to discover more of this haven as each visit would be an escape to always remember.

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