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Philippines Famous Festivals

Philippines Famous Festivals

IMG_5593The Philippines is an archipelago of thousand islands and each islands has its unique and distinct festivals that is so different from the others and if there’s one thing that is similar- Smile- that is truly Filipino. A smile that is warm and very welcoming to the visitors may it be locales or foreigners.

Like I said, the Philippines has a year round of festivals. I will take you to some of the Famous festivals that are known not only here but internationally because of its colorful outfits and grand floats.


IMG_5581First stop is the Sinulog Festival which is celebrated on the third Sunday of January at the Queen City of the South Cebu City. It is a celebration in honour of Baby Jesus or the Santo Nino. This is considered to be the most popular among the religious celebrations in the country. This festival alone attracts millions of visitors in Cebu City. The main highlights of the festival is the grand street parade where the participants wear a bright multi colored outfits / costumes dancing for hours never minding the heat of the sun and even the spectators or guests can dance along with them in the beat of the drums and gongs. A festival like no other so come and witness how Filipinos accepts Christianity wholeheartedly.


Photos credit to the owner
Photos credit to the owner

Next is the Panagbenga Festival also known as Flower Festival that took place in the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. It is a celebration during the month of February actually a month long flower festival celebration. It is a way for Baguio City to rise up after a devastating earthquake that hits the city in the 90’s and to pay tribute to the city’s flower that is blossoming during this month. During this festival the streets of Baguio is busy with flower- inspired floats that are beautifully design and street dancers clad with flower inspired costumes dancing in an Ibaloi inspired dance celebration called Bendian that originally came from the Cordillera Region. The festival also attracts millions of tourists and yearly the numbers of tourist increases.

IMG_5583Another festival is the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon. The festival took place every 15th of May by the people of Lucban in honor of San Isidro Labrador. This is the way for its people to thanked the Saint for the bountiful harvest every year with each houses are decorated beautifully with rice flowers, vegetables and some handicrafts. The best part of the festival is the procession in the streets of the town with the image of San Isidro Labrador. Another thing that is unique in this festival is that during the procession there are two giant paper mache figures of a farmer and his wife then followed by the Patron Saint. To culminate the festival the people here are generously shares food to every one and the children to show how bountiful this year to them.

Photos credit to the owner
Photos credit to the owner

IMG_5591Kadayawan Festival is another festival that is equally grand with those mentioned above. This fest is celebrated during the month of August particularly third week in Davao City. Madayaw where it’s name derived which means good and beautiful from Dabawenyo word ” dayaw”. It is also a thanksgiving celebration for a bountiful harvest, serenity of living and the gifts of nature in short a celebration of life. A street parade is also one of the best parts of the festival where dancers dressed in colorful and unique costumes and props danced to the beat of an ethnic inspired music.

These are just few of the best and famous festivals in the country. Come and visit our beautiful country the Philippines and experience a celebration of Life the Filipino way. It’s really more fun in the Philippines.

How the Japanese Celebrates Christmas

How the Japanese Celebrates Christmas

IMG_5508 Meri Kurisumasu!!

Filled with decors and lights in every corner, Japan is also one of the best places to celebrate Christmas.

Different from other Western countries, Christmas in Japan is not a national holiday. In fact, it is more of a commercial event. Expect a bit of diversity when it comes to the celebration itself. Since the number of Christians in the country is relatively, low, they do not consider the event as the birth of Jesus (unlike in other western countries). There is only a little difference though. The customs and traditions taking place in the country are also similar to the celebrations of the Christian countries.

Christmas is romantic in Japan. More than the lights and decorations all through the streets, couples get into romantic mood during this day. Like Valentine’s Day, it is an occasion where men express their love for women. It is a quality time to spend with special someone. Teddy bears, flowers, rings and other jewelry items are some of the most common gifts women receive during this occasion. The Christmas celebration in Japan concentrates mainly on young people and not in family. People say that Christmas is very crucial for single women since they need to have someone to spend the Christmas Eve with. The whole night must be very special and romantic for them.

IMG_5507Unlike in the Philippines, celebrations in Japan take place on Christmas Eve and not on the actual Christmas day, which is December 25. Preparations begin several weeks before December 24 where shopping season begins from the beginning of December. Numbers of people spend their money on Christmas trees, Santa Claus item, seasonal items and other decorations. Just like in other western country, Japanese people also love to decorate their homes with evergreens and Christmas lights.

Though the celebration is mostly for couple, gift giving can still be observed during the occasion. Handling over presents to friends and family members is also quite popular in this country. Parents give presents to their children. However, unlike in other countries, children in Japan do not give presents to their parents. The reason behind this tradition is the main fact that Santa is the one who brings presents to children. Once you grow up and no longer believe in Santa, presents are no longer given. Japanese children also receive small envelopes that contain money, which they call O-toshidama. Only good children receive these envelopes though.

IMG_5509If there is turkey dinner across the North Atlantic, over 3.6 million Japanese celebrate Christmas with a Kentucky fried chicken. This tradition started back in 1970 and now, KFC Japan creates a special Christmas party in every household. The shop actually sells up to 1.5 million during the festive season. Most Japanese spend Christmas Eve queuing at KFC branches across the city.

Christmas cake is also a traditional Japanese Christmas food. However, different from UK or American fruitcake, Japanese style Christmas cake is often a white cream and not filled with fruits. It is more of a sponge cake frosted with whipped cream topped with strawberries and a chocolate plate, which says Merry Christmas.

IMG_5510Another festive food in Japan is osechi-ryori. It is a dish packed in layers of lacquer boxes, called jubako. It includes:

▪ Kobumaki – Salmon cooked in kelp served in rolls
▪ Kuromame – Simmered sweet black beans
▪ Datemaki – Sweet egg roll
▪ Kurikinton – Mashed Sweet Potato with Sweet Chestnuts
▪ Kinpira Gobo – Root vegetables that are stir-fried and glazed with soy sauce, sake, and sugar
▪ Tazukuri – Dried Sardines in a teriyaki sauce
▪ Namasu – Thinly sliced uncooked pickled vegetables and seafood – marinated in rice vinegar
Though there are differences in their celebration, the important thing is that love is everywhere during Christmas Season.

More of Dubai – An Endless Discovery of the Desert Land

More of Dubai – An Endless Discovery of the Desert Land


United Arab Emirates is one of the countries, which offer working opportunities. Filipinos come here to try their luck away from the Philippines. The country is rich in establishments and buildings thus requiring a big number of employees.

burj khalifa

Each year, locals from different countries come here to find a job and earn a living for their family. More than working opportunities, the country is also one of the visited places because of its tourist attractions. United Arab Emirates is the home of glitzy Dubai, a perfect vacation hot spot. From a plain, basic and yes boring desert, Dubai has transformed into a perfect tourist destination. It now has shopping malls complete with mammoth aquariums and indoor ski slopes where people flock for sales bargains. Dubai is also famous for sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building).

dubai creek

Dubai does not only boast the best contemporary sightings but has also preserved some of the most intriguing historical attractions. Burj Kaliha is Dubai’s landmark building. In fact, it is the tallest in the world at 829.8 meter. Tourists usually go to the 124th floor (observation deck) of the building as for them it is must-do while in the city. Visitors say that the view across the city skyline is simply astounding.This experience includes a multi-media presentation on both Dubai and the building of the Burj Khalifa. At the ground of the building are beautifully designed gardens. There are also plenty of water features, which include Dubai Fountain.

Dubai museum is also a must visit place. It is housed in the Al-Fahidi Fort and was built in 1787 to defend Dubai Creek. Inside the museum, you can find dioramas and artifacts such as weapons, tomb relics and pottery pieces. All these offer a glimpse of the old life in Dubai during the earliest communities. Other exhibits include the rise of the merchant trade as well as Dubai’s maritime history. Another interesting thing to see in the museum is the central courtyard that houses traditional boats, bronze cannons and a traditional palm frond hut. To reach the Dubai Museum, you can either walk along Al Fahidi Street through the backstreets of Bastakia or make your way there from Bur Dubai Souq. The site is accessible via public bus and metro, while there is parking nearby.

dubai mall

Many tourists say that your trip to Dubai will not be complete without visiting its old downtown. Bur Dubai is the oldest part of Dubai. If you do not visit the place on your trip then you have not actually been in Dubai. This historic city is located at the Dubai Creek. Bur Dubai literally means Mainland Dubai. The structures that can be found here were built less than 20 years ago. What can you find here? When you visit Bur Dubai, you can find the Ruler’s Court, The Juma Grand Mosque (tallest minaret in Dubai), Al Fahidi Fort, and the Iranian Mosque. Some people say that this place feels more of India than Dubai.

dubai dolphinarium

For underwater animal lovers, Dubai Aquarium is the perfect place to visit. You can find 140 species of sea life here inside the huge suspended tank on the ground floor of Dubai Mall. The most popular activity in Dubai Aquarium is the bottom boat tours wherein you can have a closer look at the sea life. You can also enjoy shark encounter. Cage snorkeling and shark diving activities are also available.

If you want to go shopping, then your feet will surely get tired at the city’s premier mall. Dubai mall offers a wide variety of items to choose from. Aside from shopping, it also offers different activities such as ice-skating, gaming and cinema. The shopping and eating is here is endless. There are nearly always special events such as live music and fashion shows within the mall. The annual Dubai Shopping Festival in January and February is also one of the famous in the mall.

Dubai offers endless discovery from the past up to the present. Truly, Dubai is now a lively bustle of the market.

Best Places to Spend the Holidays with your Kids

Best Places to Spend the Holidays with your Kids

Christmas is the spirit of love and giving. It is the best time to bond with family and friends. Spending the yuletide season with your loved ones can make the occasion even more special.

As they say, this special occasion is for kids. Young people feels excited with gifts from Santa Claus. Some even hang sacks in the door and wait on Christmas Eve for their gift. This day becomes extra meaningful when you see the smile on each kids face.

During the Christmas Season, families choose to go out on a vacation to spend the holiday. If you are planning to celebrate the yuletide season with your kids, here are the best places your children can surely enjoy.

1. Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland
Proclaimed as the official hometown of Santa Claus, your kids will truly enjoy their meet and greet with Santa at Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. In Santa Claus Village, your kids can have a quality time with Santa and the reindeers. They can also stay in an igloo and catch the northern lights. Parents do not have to worry because these glass igloos are made with decent insulation, heated floor and a bathroom, which is very important for kids. Your children can also try sliding down the ice in Snowman World.

Lapland, Finland
Lapland, Finland

2. Zell am See, Austria
If your family is planning to have a white Christmas, Zell am See is the perfect place for all of you. Kids will surely be amazed with the huge Christmas tree in the area. Let your children meet Saint Nicholas at the Christmas market. During this season, Saint Nicholas gives away small toy for kids with good behavior. Kids can also meet Krampus (known as Perchten). He is under the control of Saint Nicholas and is a beastly character covered with fur with a large demonic mask carved from wood. Krampus frighten kids during Christmas by carrying a whip, rattling chains and a bell. He gives naughty children wooden stick.

Zell am See also offers skiing, where you and your kids can learn together.


3. New York, New York
The city is well known for its colorful lights and spectacular decorations during the Christmas Season. Christmas windows have always been a big event in New York. There are sponsored windows with the new release movies or classic characters and choreographed to music, where you can have a free entertainment for your kids. Check out the biggest Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center adorned with 45,000 LED lights. Kids can also enjoy skating and gliding at the open air of Rockefeller Center.

New York
New York

4. Disney World, Orlando
Your kids will surely have a great time spending the Christmas Season in the Magic Kingdom of Disney World. Let them enjoy Mickey Mouse’ Merry Christmas Party and holiday sleigh rides.

Disney World, Orlando
Disney World, Orlando

5. Jervis Bay, New South Wales
Who said Christmas is only about lights and decors? If you want to go out of the traditional celebration, your family can spend the holiday season at Jervis Bay. Enjoy the waves at many pristine beaches in Booderee National Park or snorkel in the crystal clear water where kids can see the protected coves and abundant marine life in the waters. Your family can also take a dolphin-watching cruise and spot the other diverse marine life in the area like penguins, seals, seabirds and migratory whales.

New South Wales
New South Wales

6. Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Let your kids enjoy a guided tour along Seal Bay and walk on the beach where they can see beautiful uninhibited creatures lazing on the white sand. Your family can also try some adventure and climb remarkable rock collections in the area. Your children can clamber over the different shaped rocks and enjoy the views of the ocean below. Ask your kids to look out for animals in the protected National Park.

Traveling with a Baby? No Problem

Traveling with a Baby? No Problem

If you are traveling with a baby, you must enjoy every bit of your destination. Traveling with a baby will provide a whole new experience for you and your family. Do not think of a baby as a hindrance, which will give problems in your travel. With each travel, you need to embrace the changes along the way. You can also learn how to deal with your future travels with your baby.

It is important to consider the best travel tips when traveling with a baby. You need to adjust. It’s true. But you need to consider the best tips to help enjoy your travel experience now that you have a baby. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice if you take pictures of your travel with your baby, then when your baby grow up, he will know that he’s already a part of your travel expedition?

So, take a look at these tips to keep in mind when traveling with a baby.

Travel Tips With Your Baby

You must label up – Your baby must not hand around at the luggage carousel. It might appear awkward. Instead, use a white marker and write your surname on the travel cot. This is better than when you use a luggage tag. It won’t fall off and you don’t need to find the tag every time.

Travel with small bags – Remember that you are now going to travel with a baby. So, the baby would become the most precious “luggage”. You don’t need to travel with big bags. Instead, pack with small bags. This will help you be comfortable on your route to your destination. It’s tough to carry your baby around, as well as your big bags. So, make sure to travel lightly.

Consider premium economy – Remember that you will breastfeed your baby, so make sure to consider the ideal flight. You want to at least be in a premium economy because it is essential for breastfeeding moms. Check the price of each flight. If the price difference is not that expensive, then go for a premium economy. You need to consider paying more because you need to make your baby as comfortable as possible.

Pack lightly – If you are traveling with your baby, make sure to pack lightly. As mentioned above, it is important to consider packing lightly for the benefit of your own baby. Bring only the essentials. There is no point of traveling with several luggages if you are also with your baby. It will only be troublesome. As much as possible, you have to travel with your baby alongside the essentials such as your purse, phone and the baby things.

Never overdo your travel – If you are used to traveling without a baby, then you have to adjust this time. During the times when you are traveling without a baby, your itineraries would be from the morning until late in the evening. But now, you have to make adjustments for the baby. Take things much slower. Also, look over to your baby. It is best if you visit tourist sites after your baby has woken up. Bring with you every essential baby needs.

You must eat early – Even with a baby, you can still eat fancy meals. However, make sure that you will head to the restaurant as early as possible. This way, it will be quieter, so your baby will be more comfortable. Also, consider the other people around you.

There you have it. It’s never a problem to travel with your babies. All you have to do is to consider the essential tips to help you travel with babies.What do you think of these tips? Let me know in the comment below.

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How to pick a Great Restaurants when Traveling?

How to pick a Great Restaurants when Traveling?

Finding the great restaurants while you are on a trip is important. We all wanted to try the delicacies that a certain tourist spot offers. However, finding the best places to dine and to drink offers a brand new experience for your travel. As a food lover, you have to make sure to find the great restaurants while traveling. It must be one of your priorities. So, here are the tips on how you can pick the best restaurants in your travel.

Be sure to take advantage of these tips if you wish to get the chance to dine in the best restos when you travel. Take a look at these and consider them on your next trip.

What Do You Need To Know To Try The Best Restaurants?

Careful research and planning – The most important factor in knowing great restaurants is to research and plan. Of course, you may find the best restaurants along the way, but it is important to research and plan before actually going to your destination. Today, there are websites that can help you know the top restaurants of your travel destinations. They also include the user reviews, so you can check what other travelers are saying about the restaurants. Likewise, you can check the prices of these restaurants, so your budget will be ready, just in case.

Be specific when asking the Concierge – Before you stay at a hotel, you can ask the Concierge for their restaurant recommendations. The concierge of the hotel knows about the best restaurants in the city or the nearby area. Likewise, you can even get access to the places where it is hard to book. You can even get last minute reservations and have extra advice on where you can dine.

Ask the locals – When you are already in your destination, you can ask help from the locals. They are the ones who know the best restaurants in their place, obviously. Just by talking to the locals, you can never know which hidden restaurant gems you can go to. At times, the locals will direct you towards the “real best restaurants”. For them, it is not important if you will eat in an expensive hotel. The best part about asking the locals is that they give you directions to the restaurants that truly serve authentic dishes without letting you spend tons of money.

Look for food blogs – But of course you need to check food blogs! You can always trust the advice of your favorite food bloggers. They won’t tell a lie in their reviews, unless they are getting paid for it. Their blog posts are according to their personal experience, which is why you can truly have the information about the best restaurants in your travel destination. Always check the local food bloggers where you will go. They have a great knowledge where to eat amazing food.

The power of social media – When organizing a trip, it is important to likewise know the food that the place offers. This is one of the most essential parts of your travel. Aside from the majestic sceneries, you also need to know where to eat. Not just eat, but to enjoy what the destination has to offer in terms of great quality foods. Social media can likewise help you find more about your travel destination, as well as the food its restaurants offer.

So, there you go. Here are the best ways to find the most amazing restaurants in your travel destination. Make sure to consider these pointers on your next travel. They would provide amazing help in your attempt to maximize your trip. I hope you find this post informative. Let me know your comment below.

How to pack on your next trip

How to pack on your next trip

If you have a schedule for your next trip, then you must know how to pack the essentials. Traveling does not require travelers to pack as many things as they can have. If you pack wisely, then you will not have a hard time figuring out which things to include and which things not to.

Whether you will travel to another country or locally, you still need to know how to efficiently pack for any trip. Perhaps these tips can help you. Take note that the things to be packed depend on your travel escapade. Are going on a camping? To the beach? Or in a place where there is snow? Needless to say, be sure to pack according to your travel needs.

The first thing to consider before you pack is to know that it is ideal to take as few as possible. You only need to bring with you the essentials. Some people, especially those first-timers, have one or two luggages when going on a trip. It is as if they will stay there for months! One more thing to know is the duration of your visit. Of course, if you will stay for a longer time, then you have to pack more clothing and personal hygiene kit. But also keep these things in mind when packing to save time, energy and space.

Keep These Things With You When Traveling

• Important travel documents – The last thing you want to do is to spend the night in some embassy because you forgot all the essential travel documents for your trip. Before you travel, be sure that you have all the important documents such as passport, cash and credit cards. This is important! If you want to gain access to another country, passport is your ticket. Keep this in mind, otherwise you would end up regretting your trip rather than enjoying it.
• All personal items must be in your carry-on bag – Documents, mobile phone, cash, charger and headphones must all be included in your carry-on bag. It is also a good idea to include your personal hygiene in your hand carry because you never know when you need to go to the bathroom. But be sure that your hand carry is light. Don’t clutter your carry-on bag with so many items that are non-essential.
• Choose what you need to include in your bag – The things to be included in your bag are your clothing, and other personal kits. Pick a bag that is versatile. You have to choose a bag that is easy to carry around and can withstand any force against it. You never know the terrains that you might encounter along your trip, so make sure that your bag is built to last.
• Pack your stuff- Like mentioned, you have to pack your stuff in the bag. These include clothing such as underwear, shirts, sleepwear, jeans and jackets. If your destination is on the beach, then make sure to include swimwear. Personally, sunglasses are a must have during travel. It helps you get a better look of everything, especially if it’s a bright, sunny day. Also, use comfortable shoes. For ladies, avoid high heels, because the last thing you wanted to do is to dance ballroom in the middle of your travel.
These things can help you have a better travel experience. It is not always essential to pack large chunks of your personal belongings. If you really want to maximize the comfort of your trip, pack lightly and wisely. These steps can help you have an idea of the important things to pack. Do you agree with these things? Do you have anything to add? Let me know in the comment below.

Travel Tips to Help Survive Your Getaway

Travel Tips to Help Survive Your Getaway

It is important to know the things to consider before traveling. As you embark on a weekend getaway, or a business trip, it is a must to know the tips that can help you survive travel and have a good time. Traveling is setting out on an adventure, which is why it is important to know how to deal with traveling to avoid any further problems. If you want to feel free and have a good time of your life, then know the travel essentials to help you deal with things along the way.

Here are some of the best tips you must keep in mind if you consider traveling:

• Patience is the key – If you want to travel, then patience is important. Life is short for you to get angry and furious all the time. Did you miss your morning ride? Did someone bump you along the way to work? Learn to control your emotions by being patient. Also, if you take a spontaneous road trip, you must be patient. You never know where your unplanned trip will take you.
• Rise up early – If you want to savor your trip, then you must wake up early when most of the people are still sleeping. This way, you can get the chance to avoid the busy streets and the crowd. Remember to take photos of your trip in the early parts of the morning. It will help you have a magical feeling.
• Make sure to have extra cash – You never know when you need cash on your trip. So, be sure that you bring extra money. There are few cases of emergency that could let you spend more than what you expected. You don’t have to rely on ATMs at all time. Be sure to have extra cash in cases of emergency.
• Meet the locals – On your trip to another country, you have to make sure to mingle with the locals. Be friendly. Learn the culture from the locals themselves, and feel their hospitality. English is a known language in most countries, so the language barrier could be eliminated.
• Take a lot of photos on your trip – If you really wanted to enjoy your travel getaway, then you have to make sure to take lots of photos. There are different places that you can visit if you wish to enjoy your trip. Lots of people to meet and different foods to eat. But one thing’s for sure. Be sure to take pictures of these. Pictures are your ultimate souvenirs. Go post them on your social media accounts. This way, you can cherish that moment, even if the years have passed.
• Spend money – Of course, you have to spend money to buy souvenirs and to go on a food trip. Some people don’t like spending too much. Well, we all do. But you can splurge a little bit. After all, we all need to buy something for our friends back home.
• Always smile – Smile is the key to let others know that you are easy to deal with. If you ask for directions, smile. Be polite. It is important to make sure that you will have the best ways to deal with everyone on your trip.

imageMake sure to know these pointers for your next trip. These will help survive your travel, and have the best time of your life. If you want to get more ways to have fun, then you must know how to handle your trip like a boss. I hope that you have learned a thing or two. What do you think about these tips? Let us know in the comment down below. Have a great trip ahead!


Planning That Perfect Paris Trip? We Got You Covered

Planning That Perfect Paris Trip? We Got You Covered

Louvre Pyramid
Louvre Pyramid

Planning to take a trip in one of the most romantic places on earth called Paris? Well, there are things that you must know before going to this majestic city. Who doesn’t love Paris? Almost everyone from around the world wants to visit the city for its romantic feel, as well as the plethora of tourists spots, not to mention the different world-class restaurants.

But before you visit Paris, there are things you must consider first yo make your trip memorable. You might get culture shocked when in Paris, and the rules and laws there are not the same in your own country. If you are not careful enough in knowing these rules, then you could be in danger. Here are the ways that can help make your Paris trip enjoyable. Be sure to know these basic tips so you can have the best time of your life when you visit this amazing city.

Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe

Basic Tips To Help Enjoy Your Paris Getaway

• Know the rules – Before you go to Paris, be sure to know the rules within the city. You must obey these rules at all times to avoid any problems along the way. If you value these laws, then your time in Paris will truly be amazing.
• Slow things down – You’re not in Paris to rush things. You want to enjoy what Paris has to offer, and let them sink in one at a time. Don’t clutter things in your itinerary. Visit one place at a time, and learn to take your time. Savor your drink, enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower, and just get the feel of the beautiful Paris experience.
• Make sure to visit one of Paris’ bakeries and patisseries – Nothing beats Paris pastries! So, if you really want to maximize your Paris getaway, go to one of its bakeries. Although most of the patisseries and bakeries are full because of fellow tourists, it is worth it to queue because you will get an amazing take at their world-class pastries and bread.
• Sit where it is comfortable – If you plan to just take a coffee with your loved one, don’t sit where it is intended for people who want to take meals. Instead, there are tables and chairs for those who just want to take coffee, relax and have a meaningful conversation with their partners. Better yet, have your coffee “to-go”. Nothing beats a cup of coffee while you roam around the city of Paris.
• Don’t take photos without consent – There are parts in Paris where you cannot take photos at will. Most of the time, you have to ask consent from an individual or a store owner when taking their pictures. The law in Paris gives people rights to their images. Vendors might attract a crowd if you capture their photos without their consent. Just ask for permission. Parisians are generous people, but if a photo snap involves their kids, then they might say no.
• Be sure to buy souvenirs – There’s nothing better to end your Paris trip than to get yourself souvenirs. Souvenirs have become a part of different travel destinations around the world. Tourists will not have a complete travel experience if they won’t get any souvenirs. In Paris, there are souvenir shops where you can buy great souvenirs and memorabilia. Don’t forget souvenirs that you can give to your family or friends when you get home back from an amazing Paris getaway.
These tips will get you going when in Paris. Enjoy every moment and experience Paris. You’ll never know when you can get to this amazing city. So, make sure that you consider these basic tips to make your Paris trip worthwhile. For any suggestions please don’t forget to post your comments below..See you around..Merci..

Things to consider when Traveling to Australia

Things to consider when Traveling to Australia


Australia is a country that has lots to offer to tourists. However, if you want to have a great time in Australia, make sure to know how you can spend vacation without breaking any rules. At times, most people go to another country without checking out its rules and regulations. If you wish to know more about Australia, you came to the right place.

So now you want to go to Australia. Do you know what to expect? Also, do you understand the laws of the country? Let me help you know how you are going to have a great time in Australia. Australia is a huge country with diverse culture and people. Spending your vacation in Australia is worth it! So, let’s find out the things you must know before traveling in Australia.

Things To Consider Before Traveling To Australia

Here are the things that you must consider if you wish to travel to Australia. Remember these pointers if you totally want to feel what Australia has to offer:

• Budget – Let’s face it. The number one most important thing to consider in any trip or vacation is your budget. You don’t want to go to a travel vacation without extra budget. There are unexpected circumstances that you must anticipate that involved spending. Going to Australia, in all honesty, is expensive. The lifestyle in the country might not be similar with your country. But there are things that you can do to limit your spending. First, fly with cheap airlines. You can likewise stay in a hostel rather than in an expensive hotel. Remember that you will visit Australia to travel, not to stay in your hotel room.
• Get familiarized with the language – Although Australia is an English-speaking country, you still need to familiarize yourself with their language. Perhaps you’re not used to hearing their accents, or their terminologies. Australian English is different from American English, so be sure that you study their language first.
• Sometimes, generosity is not a good thing – Let me get this straight. Australia is one of the most powerful countries in the world in terms of economy. You don’t need to tip some workers when you go to Australia. Though for you it is an act of kindness or you don’t mean to belittle any Australian workers, it is best that you don’t tip, especially if you will tip just a few loose change.
• Always bring sunblock – Australian heat is different. If you can tolerate the heat from where you come from, then you must know that Australia’s heat is on another level. Of course you want to go sightseeing in Australia and visit its key cities. But be sure to apply sunblock to protect your skin from the scorching Australian heat. A 30-minute walk under the sun without any protection will burn your skin. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, then you are welcome to try it yourself.
• Kangaroos and Koalas cannot be seen everywhere in Australia – We all know that kangaroos and koalas can mainly be found in Australia, but that doesn’t mean that you can see them galloping and eating eucalyptus leaves around. If you want to get a glimpse of these amazing animals personally, then you have to visit a national reserve. You cannot see them in the city. Go ahead and visit a national park to see them in their natural habitat.
So there you go. Those are the things you have to know before going to Australia. If you really want to know what it feels like to be in Australia, be sure to keep these in mind. These will greatly help you to enjoy your vacation. Please don’t forget to leave a comment below. Thanx Mate!

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