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A Quick Trip to Batangas

A Quick Trip to Batangas

Without any doubt, the province of Batangas is one of the best tourist destinations in Philippines. From Manila, a traveler may need to spend about 2-3 hours to reach Batangas City, which is the capital of the province. Of course, the most intriguing factor about the city is that it boasts some of the most stunning beach resorts and diving spots for people who admire beautiful marine life.
The entire region offers the best photographic views from the Mother Nature.


This remarkable province in the southeastern portion of Luzon is also home of the historic century-old churches and offers an interesting grandeur of the past history. When exploring the city, it boasts the different major recreational parks, religious landmarks, commercial establishments, industrial centers and a lot more to discover.
As expected, Batangas provides many great hotels and accommodations for tourists alike.


For people who love to explore the history of Batangas City, one of the best attractions is the Plaza Mabini Park. When visiting the Plaza, people who come here will reveal a huge statue of Apolinario Mabini, who is one of the respected Filipino heroes because of his vital role in the history of the Philippines.


Another interesting place to visit within the heart of the City is the Laurel Park. The location of this park is closer to the Plaza Mabini Park and one of the best side trips also is a visit at the Basilica of Immaculada Conception. This is a perfect destination for religious people, especially those Roman Catholics.
As for those travelers or tourists who love to enjoy natural views, some of the best spots to consider include the Taal Volcano Lake, Isla Verde, Ilijan Falls, Calumpang River and Tingga Falls, among others. All of these tourist destinations are capturing the attention of both local and foreign tourists who visit here throughout the year.


Of course, the province of Batangas and its main city offers different enjoyable activities for people who love to unwind, swim, snorkel, dive, trek and hike from different beautiful mountains. Like any other popular destinations in the country, the city also has the best shopping centers and souvenir outlets with different interesting buys. One of the most popular souvenir items includes the famous Balisongs (known as butterfly knives) and special beverages such as the Lambanog (coconut arrack).
The continuing rise of the many hotels, vacation houses, lodges and beach resorts in the entire province of Batangas is a clear indication that countless of tourists are visiting here on a regular basis. As expected, the Internet is the best reference to make online reservations to visit the place and experience the best offers of the Batangueños.

Manila : Discover the Capital

Manila : Discover the Capital

If we talk about an interesting city in the Philippines and in Asia, we cannot deny that this deals about Manila. This city offers various interesting blends of traditions, historical landmarks and unique experiences. When talking about the most impressive factor when visiting and enjoying a stay in Manila, this is all about its lively nightlife and this makes it a great vacation spot for the youngsters and adults.


For elders who had visited or lived in this city, they discovered contrasting lifestyles of urbanity, rusticity, quiet and chaos. The reason is that it has a lot of nightclubs, historic church structures, museums, malls and residential communities where everything is available. Of course, there are real historical landmarks to consider if you want to experience the history of Manila before.



One of the most interesting tourist destinations is the National Museum of Philippines. When you visit and explore this place, it can educate you about the rich traditions and history of the country. Because of this, you can then answer different questions about the Philippines from your relatives or friends. Visiting Manila is more enjoyable and interesting if you spend time inside the National Museum of Philippines, of course. Inside the building, you discover sections for botany, zoology, anthropology and archaeology.


Another interesting tourist spots is the historic Intramural or known as the “Old Town” in the city of Manila. This secured place is near the banks of River Pasig and features different antique landmarks and structures inside. This is actually one of the most visited spots in the city because it has convention centers, malls, parks, hangouts and more. Of course, visiting Intramuros gives you an easy access to visit the historic Luneta Park and the Manila Hotel.


If you want to learn about a unique oriental architecture where the different presidents of the Philippines resided, then you have to visit the Malacañang Palace. According to history, this palace existed since the 18th century and continues to serve as the official residence of every Filipino elected as the head of state.



A visit to Manila is not complete if you will not go to the Manila Cathedral. This historic cathedral truly represents the courage and strength of the country. Based on the shared information about this church, the structure had been destroyed several times, which include the 1945 earthquakes and the Manila Liberation Movement bombing incident. Despite of this, the government was able to reconstruct the cathedral and until now, it still has few of the original stone carves as well as rosette windows.
Surely, these mentioned places can give you a satisfying vacation in Manila and so you need to include them on the list of your itinerary to enjoy!


Ilocos Norte – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ilocos Norte – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

A country like the Philippines can offer a lot of good things to worldwide tourists. Just like when the province of Ilocos Norte at the northern area of the country, one of the best destinations here is the wonderful city of Laoag.


Surely, Ilocos Norte is one of the most commercialized and industrialized places in the Philippines and so its capital city experienced a rapid growth in economy. This is the main reason why the local government is continuously making an effort to improve its tourism because countless of local and foreign visitors are coming here all year round.


According to the information shared about the tourism in the province, majority of the tourists are Chinese and Taiwanese nationals who love to stay at the heart of the city.
Of course, these people love to choose the popular Fort Ilocandia Hotel and Resort while enjoying their time playing at the casino. This particular accommodation is recognized as one of the 5-Star resort hotels in the province and in the Philippines. Besides the beautiful casino, it has a decent golf course and offers different cozy fine dining restaurants that serve the best cuisines in town.


Another perfect vacation spot in the province is the beautiful island of Pagudpud. This is actually home of the famous giant windmills and the best white sandy beach resorts. Pagudpud is a very tranquil destination and so it is a great place for people who love to relax, enjoy and experience the beauty of Mother Nature. Of course, there are many side trips to enjoy while heading to this remarkable point of destination.


Tourists who visit the Ilocos Norte province can as well rediscover the historic Paoay Church. According to the history of this religious structure, they built it back in 1694 and famous because of its authentic oriental-gothic-baroque architecture. To prove its historical value, UNESCO already recognized the church as one of the best heritage sites in the world.


To complete an enjoyable and memorable vacation in this beautiful province in the north, it is advisable to visit the famous Gameng Museo Ilocos Norte. The location of this destination is only a few minutes from the town plaza and features different original Ilocano artifacts. The other popular and visited museum is the Marcos Museum wherein tourists can discover the memorabilia of the late and former Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos.


Definitely, dining places and accommodation is will never be a problem when visiting Ilocos Norte. Within Laoag City itself, there are many resorts, motels, inns, vacation houses and apartments with reasonable price ranges. Of course, there are also expensive hotels in the place for those who want to experience a luxurious stay here.


Boracay A Staycation like no other

Boracay A Staycation like no other

For many seasoned travelers out there, they value the opportunity to visit a beautiful island wherein they can enjoy a tropical vacation getaway on earth. To experience this, it is important to visit a place that can offer a breathtaking paradise with sparkling blue water to relax and appreciate the nature.


Of course, one of the most popular provinces to consider is Aklan in the Philippines. The reason is that this place is home of the world famous Boracay Island. According to the information about this island, it is about 7 kilometers long and its white sandy beach is part of the Yapak, Manoc-Manoc and Balabag, and Yapak barangays. The local provincial government and Philippine Tourism Authority are responsible in managing this beautiful vacation destination.


Going to Boracay is very convenient because you can ride a bus from the other Panay areas, ride a ferry from the Batangas Port or by plane from Manila heading to Caticlan, which is the main gateway to access the island.


This beautiful island in the province of Aklan will let the tourists experience the best vacation getaway in the Philippines. Among the most popular water adventures here include scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, island hopping, banana boat ride, paragliding, jet skiing and a lot more to enjoy. Of course, this stunning place is very popular in the world because of its crystal clear blue water and breathtaking talc sand.


Many experienced and licensed divers are also visiting here regularly because they enjoy the available diving safaris as part of the most interesting activities not to be missed. In most cases, it is best to stay in Boracay for a week to appreciate the diving safaris and experience the satisfaction it offers tourists across the globe. As for newbie divers, there are also existing dive sites that are suitable for them.


One of the best options to consider is the Laurel Island 1 and they consider this one as a great place for newbie divers to swim through a hole in the island and view the different corals.


As for those who love to discover impressive coral gardens, the best destination to consider in Boracay is the Fridays Rock, as it offers a close view of these incredible gardens. The other attractions here include the different sea creatures include the moray eels, starfish and sea cucumbers, among others.


As expected, visiting the province of Aklan does mean enjoying Boracay Island alone. There are other remarkable things to do here like during the month of January, the Aklanons are celebrating the renowned and annual Ati-Atihan Festival in Kalibo. Thousands of tourists worldwide are visiting the place and joining the colorful street parades on the main streets.

The Beautiful Island of Bohol

The Beautiful Island of Bohol

Bohol is undoubtedly one of the best islands to visit and enjoy while in the Philippines. Located at the central Visayan region and, it offers remarkable tourist spots just like its nearby provinces such as Cebu and Leyte. Definitely, this beautiful province continues to attract more tourists who are visiting the country during summer.


If you can ask people who had been to Bohol especially those who spent time at the stunning beach resorts here, they compare it to the wonderful white sandy beaches of Boracay and Palawan. These are actually the other popular tourist destination in the Philippines with millions of visitors all year round.
When visiting here, majority of the residents here are Boholano speakers and this dialect is somehow related to the Cebuano. However, history reveals that the migration of different races in the province allowed the resident to learn to speak English, Chinese and Tagalog, which is the primary language in the country.


According to the tourism department of the province, thousands of travelers worldwide are visiting Bohol each year and they continue to increase in numbers. These people travel here to relax and enjoy the best attractive tourist attractions and natural wonders of the entire province. Of course, the most popular destination here is the world famous Chocolate Hills in Carmen. The province also has the popular rivers that continuously grabbing the attention of many tourists known as the Loboc River and Inabanga River.


For people who love to spend time with their loved ones in beautiful white sandy beaches, the best place to visit in Bohol is the Panglao Island. The different beach resorts here offer remarkable accommodations for both local and foreign travelers who desire to stay and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries. Of course, Bohol is home of the smallest primate in the world known as the Tarsier and visitors can have a glimpse of this animal creature when they visit.


Besides the stunning tourist destinations, people who visit here can also enjoy the different annual festivals in the province. To mention a few of them include The Sandugo Festival, SidlaKasilak or Festival of Lights, the Tagbilaran City Fiesta as well as the Bolibong Kingking Festival. These are all popular celebrations in Bohol and worldwide tourists will definitely appreciate what they can discover from these festivities.


Going to the province is not a problem because there are different accessible means of transportation. People who want to come in Bohol can ride a ferry, airplane or by bus through the RORO hi-way. The Philippine government had already established the best seaports as well as airports to make the entire province accessible to many travelers and enjoy the beautiful island.


Without a doubt, visiting this remarkable province in the central Visayan region offers different kinds of adventures, beauty of nature and history. This is one reason why many people are choosing this place a one of their dream vacation getaway.

Guimaras Island – A Unique Destination for the Whole Family

Guimaras Island – A Unique Destination for the Whole Family

If you have plan to find and enjoy an idyllic vacation place in the Philippines, I suggest to begin packing your things with your family members and visit the beautiful island of Guimaras in the Western Visayan region.

When talking about the best and untamed white beaches in the country, Guimaras is undoubtedly among the finest places in the world. To prove this, the island is beginning to showcase the different beach resorts and accommodations, which continuously foreign tourists.

Like any other famous province in the Philippines, Guimaras has remarkable improvement in its own tourist. Because the province is truly blessed with massive agricultural lands, its local government has been consistent in promoting it as one of the top agri-tourism destination in the country. Of course, there are many interesting and popular tourist attractions to enjoy while visiting this beautiful and tranquil province in the Visayan Region.

Relive Your Spiritual Life inside the Trappist Monastery
When you visit Jordan, one of the most interesting attractions to consider is the Trappist Monastery. This is actually a quiet place that lets you experience your hidden spiritual life. Of course, the resident Monks here are producing home-made products such as delicacies, jams, processed food items and jellies when visiting the souvenir shop inside the monastery. For those who want to stay overnight in Jordan, they can rent an affordable guest house also inside the place.
Enjoy Staying at the Guisi Beach Resort
Another interesting attraction in Guimaras for worldwide tourists is the beautiful Guisi Beach Resort. With the perfect crystal blue waters and remarkable natural views surrounding the area, it can definitely escape anyone from a busy city lifestyle. This particular beach resort features stunning rock formations and beautiful coastline. Of course, never forget visiting the 18th century old lighthouse when you explore the island.
Taste the Sweetest Guimaras Mangoes
When visiting this beautiful place, among the most famous crops here include the sweetest mangoes. If you visit the place, you will see a huge landmark says “the sweetest in the world.” They are exporting them to different foreign markets, especially in Australia and in the United States. The best time to visit in this place is during the month of May because they celebrate the Manggahan (Mango) Festival each year, which promotes the blooming fruit industry of the province.

Enjoy at the Guimaras Adventure Park
Guimaras offers another enticing tourist spot for countless of adventure lovers out there. When visiting Jordan, you get the chance to visit the beautiful Guimaras Adventure Park and it offers different enjoyable amenities for people who love war games, paintball, target shooting and horseback riding, among others. Majority of the visitors here are group of people who spend time for camping, company outing and team building.
Surely, there are many tourist spots worldwide and the mentioned attractions are only few of them. If you have a plan to enjoy a perfect vacation with your loved ones, do not forget to visit Guimaras.

Some of the Best Diving Sites in the Philippines

Some of the Best Diving Sites in the Philippines

Without any doubt, many people consider the Philippines as one of the best countries in Asia with thousands of beautiful islands. On this, it has a huge body of water and untamed stunning beaches to discover almost anywhere in the country. As expected, many tourists who visit here are exploring it through the different diving spots.
1. Dive in Batangas


Batangas is actually one of the popular diving destinations in the Philippines when vacationing in the Luzon. For those who come from Manila, this is the nearest diving spot to consider. Although the travel time from Manila to Batangas may take about 2 ½ hour driving, it offers the best beach resorts with remarkable diving hotspots for both new and experienced diving enthusiasts. Of course, there are available professional instructors on the resorts who are willing to guide those newbie divers.
2. Dive in Malapascua


For tourists who want to visit a perfect diving area outside Luzon, then the beautiful island of Malapascua is one of the most popular spots in the Visayan region. Regardless if you travel by plane or huge vessel, it is very important to get the best tour package here with the best accommodation. This is necessary to reach the island conveniently and relax for the scheduled vacation. Besides diving, Malapascua is likewise popular when it comes to exploring the different stunning water creatures such as the different sharks.
3. Dive in La Union


Going back to Luzon, one of the best destinations for a perfect diving experience is La Union. This place offers many beautiful diving spots and scuba divers have a lot of interesting things to do here. When talking about a historic diving place for worldwide tourists is the stunning Hashi Maru. According to history, this is an original Japanese freighter and sunk under the sea since 1940 in the Philippine shore. For people who want to discover this sunken ship, La Union is the right place to consider.
4. Puerto Galera


Like the aforementioned diving spots, Puerto Galera is likewise a beautiful choice in the Philippines. This place offers numerous coves and beaches that can definitely capture the interest of many people who want to escape a busy life in a crowded city for a satisfying break or vacation. Puerto Galera is very accessible through ferry ride from the Batangas City port, Matabungkay, and the other coastal areas within Batangas. There are countless of foreign tourists who are visiting here each year because they love the place and its diving areas.

With these great places to visit while staying in the Philippine archipelago, a planned vacation is definitely satisfying. This is regardless of it involves the whole family or not, an experience to dive in the best tourist spot is a remarkable one.

Some of the Best Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Some of the Best Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

If we talk about the best destinations in the Southeast Asian region, we cannot disregard the beautiful island of Philippines. This tropical country offers some of the stunning white-sand beaches in the world and a huge volume of holidaymakers from different countries are visiting the country for a perfect vacation, especially during summer months.
The following are few of the most visited tourist destinations:


The stunning BORACAY ISLAND offers the most beautiful white-sandy beach of the Philippines in the historic province of Aklan in Panay. When talking about its great recognition, this beautiful island is already a recipient of numerous distinctions and awards from different award-giving bodies worldwide. Its stunning white beaches with crystal clear and cool waters truly captivate the attention of both local and foreign tourists. One of the best attractions here includes the exciting nightlife because of having numerous bars and hotels in the beach front area.


When we talk about a stunning and tranquil island in Palawan, EL NIDO is the best place to visit and enjoy while staying in city of Puerto Princesa. This place boasts some of the most wonderful beaches in the world and also features impressive mountains, seascapes, marble cliffs, and various wildlife species. Majority of the tourists who stay here enjoy the different outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, trekking and biking, among others. For people who love scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and surfing, this is also a perfect destination to choose. Of course, tourists who visit Palawan likewise schedule a visit to the beautiful island of CORON. This area offers great attractions such as the Lake Barracuda and Lake Kayangan, aside from the relaxing beach resorts.


When visiting the beautiful province of Bohol, one of the most favorite tourist spots is the PANGLAO ISLAND. They say that this is the “little paradise of pure hearts” and the place that features sun-kissed hills with natural tropical landscapes. For people who love to stay in a tranquil beach resort, this island is the perfect choice and also offers a variety of beautiful diving spots in the world. Likewise, visiting Bohol means a chance to discover the smallest primate in this planet known as the Tarsiers.


Not many of us knew about the history of CAMIGUIN ISLAND. According to legends, this is a volcanic island found in the northern part of Mindanao. Because of its enticing weather climate and perfect geographical location, many tourists who visited here are comparing it to the beautiful island of Hawaii. They recognize it as a small and complete paradise with numerous mountains and beaches for various outdoor activities. Furthermore, the island boasts some of the best waterfalls and hot springs in the Philippines that truly captivate millions of tourists alike.

Best Attractions to Visit when in Batanes

Best Attractions to Visit when in Batanes

When talking about tranquil and stunning places in the Philippines, you cannot deny that the province of Batanes is one of the best. If you get the chance to stay in this place for a vacation, it lets you experience calmness, serenity, and total satisfaction.
The location of Batanes is within the northernmost part of the country and it is the smallest province in the entire archipelago. Despite its minimal size, it boasts its remarkable natural resources, which include the industry of reeds, green fields and the beautiful stone houses that easily capture the attention of worldwide tourists like you.


This stunning island in the northern Philippines is surrounded by beautiful bodies of water. If you come from Manila by plane, you will reach the place within an hour and 45 minutes. As soon as you went down the airport, you can already feel the fresh blowing wind and the cool breeze of the surrounding.

Here are some of the best attractions to consider:

• Visiting House of Dakay
When talking about one of the most visited and photographed attractions in Batanes, this is definitely the famous House of Dakay built in the 18th century. They recognized this ancient structure as a certified UNESCO World Heritage Building and located in San Jose de Ivana. Despite the different earthquakes that shocked this fabled house, it remains standing on its actual location.
• A Glimpse of Mt. Iraya
The location of Mt. Iraya is in Batan Island and according to history, this actually a small active volcano and about 1,900 feet high above the sea level. For many adventurers and mountain climbers out there, this is a perfect spot to visit and discover the stunning floras that surround the Mt. Iraya. However, it is very important to become observant when climbing the mountain because of the different existing species of snakes.
• Explore Sabtang Island
For many travelers or holidaymakers who love spending time in a nice white sandy beach in Batanes, the Sabtang Island is definitely the best choice. This place reveals the unspoiled white-sand beaches, beautiful canyons and steep mountains for a total satisfaction when exploring the place. From Radiwan Port in Ivana, tourists can ride a boat and travel about 20-30 minutes to reach this stunning island in the province of Batanes


Visit the Historic Basco Cathedral
The Basco Cathedral is also known as the Church of Sto. Domingo de Basco and built way back in 1783. In the province of Batanes, this is actually the oldest church structures and its overall design can withstand strong quakes and bad weather conditions. The people who live here dedicated their church to the Immaculate Conception, which happens to be the patron saint of the municipality.


Palawan : World’s Best Island

Palawan : World’s Best Island

We cannot deny that Palawan is the last frontier of the Philippines and this is proven with its stunning natural beauty. Every year, this place continues to captivate the attention of millions of tourists worldwide because of its inviting views and attractions that surround the entire region.
With the impressive and flourishing tourism industry within Palawan, there are now different types of resorts, accommodations and restaurants around the area. Of course, the Internet likewise offers trusted websites that provide tour packages in Palawan with great discounts.

In most cases, these available tour packages include the following enjoyable activities:

• Mountain/Cliff Climbing
• Scuba Diving
• Kayaking
• Trekking
• Island Hopping and a lot more to enjoy


Besides these mentioned tour attractions, tourists who visit this wonderful place are spending time in exploring and witnessing the famous St. Paul Subterranean Underground River. It features the breathtaking views of the different stalactites and stalagmites formations that surround the cave. In addition, the island of Palawan boasts the most interesting ecological attractions with the countless of existing fauna and floras around the place.

For people who love to experience breathtaking wreck diving, the best place to visit in Palawan is Coron. According to the history of this wonderful place in the northern part of the island, a lot of Japanese shipwrecks sinked back in World War II sunk are found within the northern coast of Coron. Because of this, millions of tourists particularly those wreck divers are visiting Palawan to discover the shipwrecks with rich natural corals and reefs below the ocean.
With the stunning and colorful marine life, it is definitely enjoyable to discover the underwater sights of Coron. Of course, thousands of photographers across the globe are likewise visiting here to take advantage of the impressive beauty of Mother Nature in Palawan Island.

Another enjoyable outdoor adventure is the available snorkeling activities. For the past years, thousands of tourists who visited here do not forge to experience island hopping and snorkeling. Usually, they visit the Barracuda Island for a thrilling experience in discovering the almost 40 feet long barracuda sight. Of course, there are different existing reef and corals on the sunken ship in this area, which easily capture the attention of worldwide tourists.

Without any doubt, an opportunity to visit and explore Palawan reveals the beauty of the Island with its numerous ecological sites. Aside from the usual trekking sites, cliffs and mountainous peaks, this place gives you a stunning view of the remarkable white-sandy beaches around the island. They also consider this as an interesting sanctuary in the Philippines because if offer different endangered species such as the Palawan Peacock, Palawan Mouse Deer and Cockatoos.

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