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Malaysia : Truly Asia

Malaysia a country rich in culture heritage and offers many attractions. People who visit the place can have two distinct experiences. One in the Peninsula and the other one is Borneo. Borneo is an...

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Right Snacks to Pack For Your Flight

I am sure some of us experienced standing there in the airport, searching for the perfect snack to have before the flight. Of course, you can find something to eat since there are convenience...

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Wanderlust- Basic Tips before You Travel

Have you ever found yourself dreaming and enjoying your roller coaster ride at Hongkong Disneyland? Did you feel the thrill of orange rush in Lego Land? How about the groupie with your friends in...

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Reasons Why You Must Travel To New Zealand

There are heaps of reasons why you must consider going to New Zealand. However, if you want to visit, make sure that it’s the summer season. If you think New Zealand is a great...

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Planning A Trip? Take A Look At These Easy Steps

Hey guys! Are you planning your next trip? Perhaps you want to save time and money, right? Why don’t you hang around for just a while. I will share with you the easy steps...

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