A Quick Trip to Batangas

A Quick Trip to Batangas

Without any doubt, the province of Batangas is one of the best tourist destinations in Philippines. From Manila, a traveler may need to spend about 2-3 hours to reach Batangas City, which is the capital of the province. Of course, the most intriguing factor about the city is that it boasts some of the most stunning beach resorts and diving spots for people who admire beautiful marine life.
The entire region offers the best photographic views from the Mother Nature.


This remarkable province in the southeastern portion of Luzon is also home of the historic century-old churches and offers an interesting grandeur of the past history. When exploring the city, it boasts the different major recreational parks, religious landmarks, commercial establishments, industrial centers and a lot more to discover.
As expected, Batangas provides many great hotels and accommodations for tourists alike.


For people who love to explore the history of Batangas City, one of the best attractions is the Plaza Mabini Park. When visiting the Plaza, people who come here will reveal a huge statue of Apolinario Mabini, who is one of the respected Filipino heroes because of his vital role in the history of the Philippines.


Another interesting place to visit within the heart of the City is the Laurel Park. The location of this park is closer to the Plaza Mabini Park and one of the best side trips also is a visit at the Basilica of Immaculada Conception. This is a perfect destination for religious people, especially those Roman Catholics.
As for those travelers or tourists who love to enjoy natural views, some of the best spots to consider include the Taal Volcano Lake, Isla Verde, Ilijan Falls, Calumpang River and Tingga Falls, among others. All of these tourist destinations are capturing the attention of both local and foreign tourists who visit here throughout the year.


Of course, the province of Batangas and its main city offers different enjoyable activities for people who love to unwind, swim, snorkel, dive, trek and hike from different beautiful mountains. Like any other popular destinations in the country, the city also has the best shopping centers and souvenir outlets with different interesting buys. One of the most popular souvenir items includes the famous Balisongs (known as butterfly knives) and special beverages such as the Lambanog (coconut arrack).
The continuing rise of the many hotels, vacation houses, lodges and beach resorts in the entire province of Batangas is a clear indication that countless of tourists are visiting here on a regular basis. As expected, the Internet is the best reference to make online reservations to visit the place and experience the best offers of the BatangueƱos.

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