Manila : Discover the Capital

Manila : Discover the Capital

If we talk about an interesting city in the Philippines and in Asia, we cannot deny that this deals about Manila. This city offers various interesting blends of traditions, historical landmarks and unique experiences. When talking about the most impressive factor when visiting and enjoying a stay in Manila, this is all about its lively nightlife and this makes it a great vacation spot for the youngsters and adults.


For elders who had visited or lived in this city, they discovered contrasting lifestyles of urbanity, rusticity, quiet and chaos. The reason is that it has a lot of nightclubs, historic church structures, museums, malls and residential communities where everything is available. Of course, there are real historical landmarks to consider if you want to experience the history of Manila before.



One of the most interesting tourist destinations is the National Museum of Philippines. When you visit and explore this place, it can educate you about the rich traditions and history of the country. Because of this, you can then answer different questions about the Philippines from your relatives or friends. Visiting Manila is more enjoyable and interesting if you spend time inside the National Museum of Philippines, of course. Inside the building, you discover sections for botany, zoology, anthropology and archaeology.


Another interesting tourist spots is the historic Intramural or known as the “Old Town” in the city of Manila. This secured place is near the banks of River Pasig and features different antique landmarks and structures inside. This is actually one of the most visited spots in the city because it has convention centers, malls, parks, hangouts and more. Of course, visiting Intramuros gives you an easy access to visit the historic Luneta Park and the Manila Hotel.


If you want to learn about a unique oriental architecture where the different presidents of the Philippines resided, then you have to visit the MalacaƱang Palace. According to history, this palace existed since the 18th century and continues to serve as the official residence of every Filipino elected as the head of state.



A visit to Manila is not complete if you will not go to the Manila Cathedral. This historic cathedral truly represents the courage and strength of the country. Based on the shared information about this church, the structure had been destroyed several times, which include the 1945 earthquakes and the Manila Liberation Movement bombing incident. Despite of this, the government was able to reconstruct the cathedral and until now, it still has few of the original stone carves as well as rosette windows.
Surely, these mentioned places can give you a satisfying vacation in Manila and so you need to include them on the list of your itinerary to enjoy!


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