Ilocos Norte – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ilocos Norte – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

A country like the Philippines can offer a lot of good things to worldwide tourists. Just like when the province of Ilocos Norte at the northern area of the country, one of the best destinations here is the wonderful city of Laoag.


Surely, Ilocos Norte is one of the most commercialized and industrialized places in the Philippines and so its capital city experienced a rapid growth in economy. This is the main reason why the local government is continuously making an effort to improve its tourism because countless of local and foreign visitors are coming here all year round.


According to the information shared about the tourism in the province, majority of the tourists are Chinese and Taiwanese nationals who love to stay at the heart of the city.
Of course, these people love to choose the popular Fort Ilocandia Hotel and Resort while enjoying their time playing at the casino. This particular accommodation is recognized as one of the 5-Star resort hotels in the province and in the Philippines. Besides the beautiful casino, it has a decent golf course and offers different cozy fine dining restaurants that serve the best cuisines in town.


Another perfect vacation spot in the province is the beautiful island of Pagudpud. This is actually home of the famous giant windmills and the best white sandy beach resorts. Pagudpud is a very tranquil destination and so it is a great place for people who love to relax, enjoy and experience the beauty of Mother Nature. Of course, there are many side trips to enjoy while heading to this remarkable point of destination.


Tourists who visit the Ilocos Norte province can as well rediscover the historic Paoay Church. According to the history of this religious structure, they built it back in 1694 and famous because of its authentic oriental-gothic-baroque architecture. To prove its historical value, UNESCO already recognized the church as one of the best heritage sites in the world.


To complete an enjoyable and memorable vacation in this beautiful province in the north, it is advisable to visit the famous Gameng Museo Ilocos Norte. The location of this destination is only a few minutes from the town plaza and features different original Ilocano artifacts. The other popular and visited museum is the Marcos Museum wherein tourists can discover the memorabilia of the late and former Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos.


Definitely, dining places and accommodation is will never be a problem when visiting Ilocos Norte. Within Laoag City itself, there are many resorts, motels, inns, vacation houses and apartments with reasonable price ranges. Of course, there are also expensive hotels in the place for those who want to experience a luxurious stay here.


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