Guimaras Island – A Unique Destination for the Whole Family

Guimaras Island – A Unique Destination for the Whole Family

If you have plan to find and enjoy an idyllic vacation place in the Philippines, I suggest to begin packing your things with your family members and visit the beautiful island of Guimaras in the Western Visayan region.

When talking about the best and untamed white beaches in the country, Guimaras is undoubtedly among the finest places in the world. To prove this, the island is beginning to showcase the different beach resorts and accommodations, which continuously foreign tourists.

Like any other famous province in the Philippines, Guimaras has remarkable improvement in its own tourist. Because the province is truly blessed with massive agricultural lands, its local government has been consistent in promoting it as one of the top agri-tourism destination in the country. Of course, there are many interesting and popular tourist attractions to enjoy while visiting this beautiful and tranquil province in the Visayan Region.

Relive Your Spiritual Life inside the Trappist Monastery
When you visit Jordan, one of the most interesting attractions to consider is the Trappist Monastery. This is actually a quiet place that lets you experience your hidden spiritual life. Of course, the resident Monks here are producing home-made products such as delicacies, jams, processed food items and jellies when visiting the souvenir shop inside the monastery. For those who want to stay overnight in Jordan, they can rent an affordable guest house also inside the place.
Enjoy Staying at the Guisi Beach Resort
Another interesting attraction in Guimaras for worldwide tourists is the beautiful Guisi Beach Resort. With the perfect crystal blue waters and remarkable natural views surrounding the area, it can definitely escape anyone from a busy city lifestyle. This particular beach resort features stunning rock formations and beautiful coastline. Of course, never forget visiting the 18th century old lighthouse when you explore the island.
Taste the Sweetest Guimaras Mangoes
When visiting this beautiful place, among the most famous crops here include the sweetest mangoes. If you visit the place, you will see a huge landmark says “the sweetest in the world.” They are exporting them to different foreign markets, especially in Australia and in the United States. The best time to visit in this place is during the month of May because they celebrate the Manggahan (Mango) Festival each year, which promotes the blooming fruit industry of the province.

Enjoy at the Guimaras Adventure Park
Guimaras offers another enticing tourist spot for countless of adventure lovers out there. When visiting Jordan, you get the chance to visit the beautiful Guimaras Adventure Park and it offers different enjoyable amenities for people who love war games, paintball, target shooting and horseback riding, among others. Majority of the visitors here are group of people who spend time for camping, company outing and team building.
Surely, there are many tourist spots worldwide and the mentioned attractions are only few of them. If you have a plan to enjoy a perfect vacation with your loved ones, do not forget to visit Guimaras.

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