Some of the Best Diving Sites in the Philippines

Some of the Best Diving Sites in the Philippines

Without any doubt, many people consider the Philippines as one of the best countries in Asia with thousands of beautiful islands. On this, it has a huge body of water and untamed stunning beaches to discover almost anywhere in the country. As expected, many tourists who visit here are exploring it through the different diving spots.
1. Dive in Batangas


Batangas is actually one of the popular diving destinations in the Philippines when vacationing in the Luzon. For those who come from Manila, this is the nearest diving spot to consider. Although the travel time from Manila to Batangas may take about 2 ½ hour driving, it offers the best beach resorts with remarkable diving hotspots for both new and experienced diving enthusiasts. Of course, there are available professional instructors on the resorts who are willing to guide those newbie divers.
2. Dive in Malapascua


For tourists who want to visit a perfect diving area outside Luzon, then the beautiful island of Malapascua is one of the most popular spots in the Visayan region. Regardless if you travel by plane or huge vessel, it is very important to get the best tour package here with the best accommodation. This is necessary to reach the island conveniently and relax for the scheduled vacation. Besides diving, Malapascua is likewise popular when it comes to exploring the different stunning water creatures such as the different sharks.
3. Dive in La Union


Going back to Luzon, one of the best destinations for a perfect diving experience is La Union. This place offers many beautiful diving spots and scuba divers have a lot of interesting things to do here. When talking about a historic diving place for worldwide tourists is the stunning Hashi Maru. According to history, this is an original Japanese freighter and sunk under the sea since 1940 in the Philippine shore. For people who want to discover this sunken ship, La Union is the right place to consider.
4. Puerto Galera


Like the aforementioned diving spots, Puerto Galera is likewise a beautiful choice in the Philippines. This place offers numerous coves and beaches that can definitely capture the interest of many people who want to escape a busy life in a crowded city for a satisfying break or vacation. Puerto Galera is very accessible through ferry ride from the Batangas City port, Matabungkay, and the other coastal areas within Batangas. There are countless of foreign tourists who are visiting here each year because they love the place and its diving areas.

With these great places to visit while staying in the Philippine archipelago, a planned vacation is definitely satisfying. This is regardless of it involves the whole family or not, an experience to dive in the best tourist spot is a remarkable one.

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