Some of the Best Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Some of the Best Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

If we talk about the best destinations in the Southeast Asian region, we cannot disregard the beautiful island of Philippines. This tropical country offers some of the stunning white-sand beaches in the world and a huge volume of holidaymakers from different countries are visiting the country for a perfect vacation, especially during summer months.
The following are few of the most visited tourist destinations:


The stunning BORACAY ISLAND offers the most beautiful white-sandy beach of the Philippines in the historic province of Aklan in Panay. When talking about its great recognition, this beautiful island is already a recipient of numerous distinctions and awards from different award-giving bodies worldwide. Its stunning white beaches with crystal clear and cool waters truly captivate the attention of both local and foreign tourists. One of the best attractions here includes the exciting nightlife because of having numerous bars and hotels in the beach front area.


When we talk about a stunning and tranquil island in Palawan, EL NIDO is the best place to visit and enjoy while staying in city of Puerto Princesa. This place boasts some of the most wonderful beaches in the world and also features impressive mountains, seascapes, marble cliffs, and various wildlife species. Majority of the tourists who stay here enjoy the different outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, trekking and biking, among others. For people who love scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and surfing, this is also a perfect destination to choose. Of course, tourists who visit Palawan likewise schedule a visit to the beautiful island of CORON. This area offers great attractions such as the Lake Barracuda and Lake Kayangan, aside from the relaxing beach resorts.


When visiting the beautiful province of Bohol, one of the most favorite tourist spots is the PANGLAO ISLAND. They say that this is the “little paradise of pure hearts” and the place that features sun-kissed hills with natural tropical landscapes. For people who love to stay in a tranquil beach resort, this island is the perfect choice and also offers a variety of beautiful diving spots in the world. Likewise, visiting Bohol means a chance to discover the smallest primate in this planet known as the Tarsiers.


Not many of us knew about the history of CAMIGUIN ISLAND. According to legends, this is a volcanic island found in the northern part of Mindanao. Because of its enticing weather climate and perfect geographical location, many tourists who visited here are comparing it to the beautiful island of Hawaii. They recognize it as a small and complete paradise with numerous mountains and beaches for various outdoor activities. Furthermore, the island boasts some of the best waterfalls and hot springs in the Philippines that truly captivate millions of tourists alike.

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