Best Attractions to Visit when in Batanes

Best Attractions to Visit when in Batanes

When talking about tranquil and stunning places in the Philippines, you cannot deny that the province of Batanes is one of the best. If you get the chance to stay in this place for a vacation, it lets you experience calmness, serenity, and total satisfaction.
The location of Batanes is within the northernmost part of the country and it is the smallest province in the entire archipelago. Despite its minimal size, it boasts its remarkable natural resources, which include the industry of reeds, green fields and the beautiful stone houses that easily capture the attention of worldwide tourists like you.


This stunning island in the northern Philippines is surrounded by beautiful bodies of water. If you come from Manila by plane, you will reach the place within an hour and 45 minutes. As soon as you went down the airport, you can already feel the fresh blowing wind and the cool breeze of the surrounding.

Here are some of the best attractions to consider:

• Visiting House of Dakay
When talking about one of the most visited and photographed attractions in Batanes, this is definitely the famous House of Dakay built in the 18th century. They recognized this ancient structure as a certified UNESCO World Heritage Building and located in San Jose de Ivana. Despite the different earthquakes that shocked this fabled house, it remains standing on its actual location.
• A Glimpse of Mt. Iraya
The location of Mt. Iraya is in Batan Island and according to history, this actually a small active volcano and about 1,900 feet high above the sea level. For many adventurers and mountain climbers out there, this is a perfect spot to visit and discover the stunning floras that surround the Mt. Iraya. However, it is very important to become observant when climbing the mountain because of the different existing species of snakes.
• Explore Sabtang Island
For many travelers or holidaymakers who love spending time in a nice white sandy beach in Batanes, the Sabtang Island is definitely the best choice. This place reveals the unspoiled white-sand beaches, beautiful canyons and steep mountains for a total satisfaction when exploring the place. From Radiwan Port in Ivana, tourists can ride a boat and travel about 20-30 minutes to reach this stunning island in the province of Batanes


Visit the Historic Basco Cathedral
The Basco Cathedral is also known as the Church of Sto. Domingo de Basco and built way back in 1783. In the province of Batanes, this is actually the oldest church structures and its overall design can withstand strong quakes and bad weather conditions. The people who live here dedicated their church to the Immaculate Conception, which happens to be the patron saint of the municipality.


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