Right Snacks to Pack For Your Flight

Right Snacks to Pack For Your Flight

I am sure some of us experienced standing there in the airport, searching for the perfect snack to have before the flight.

Of course, you can find something to eat since there are convenience store and even restaurants inside the airport. Yes, they are reasonable until you check the price. They are twice or sometimes thrice more expensive than the usual price in the grocery. Therefore, you might have to think twice whether it is worth your peso. What is worst is that most of the time, the foods are not as delicious as what you expect.

You can skip this agony by knowing the right snacks to bring in the airport. However, the big question is can you bring food in the plane? The answer is a big yes. If you do not want to get hungry during your long flight then you might need to carry snacks with you. You might not be able to bring your favorite canned juice with you since the security will not allow them but you can bring chips, sandwiches, fruits and crackers with you. The food that you are going to bring depends on your taste. Not only you can save money from the expensive items in the airport, you can also save your stomach from getting hungry. Moreover, you have the assurance that what you are eating is clean and healthy.

Before getting too overwhelmed about the idea of bringing your own food in the plane, you might want to consider this first.

▪ Do not bring liquids like juice
▪ Do not pack items like pudding, gel packs, and yogurt
▪ Avoid overly smelly or noisy to eat food, which includes tuna or dried fish and nuts like pistachios
▪ Remember to pack food that is good at room temperature

Having that mentioned, here is a simple list of the snacks you can bring on the plane.

1. Dried Fruits

They are easy to eat yet very nutritious snacks. Dried fruits are easy to pack since they come in pouch so all you need to do is to put them inside your bag.

2. Crackers

They are expensive if you buy them inside the airport but they are very affordable in grocery stores. Crackers can surely save your stomach from the hungry feeling. You can just put them in zip lock and that is it. You do not have to worry because crackers last for days and in room temperature.

img_47393. Chips

If you do not feel hungry and just want to eat something, then you can bring chips. You can enjoy them while enjoying the view or while listening to your favorite music from your iPod. They are expensive in the airport store so it is advisable to bring your own. Just like crackers, chips can also last for days and does not require cold temperature.

img_47424. Fruits

To make sure you are eating healthy, try to bring sliced fruits. However, you must place it inside a sealed container to avoid leaks. You also need to consider the temperature since some fruits get rotten easily.

img_47405. Chocolate

To add a little sweetness on your travel, you might want to bring chocolate with you. Well, it is everyone’s favorite. Make sure you have one in your bag so you will not have a problem when you crave for one. Aside from chocolate, you can also bring some sweets like candies, chocolate biscuit or cookies.

Avoid spending too much money from unnecessary items. Be sure to bring what you want and pack it right. Enjoy your flight by having the perfect food with you.

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