Wanderlust- Basic Tips before You Travel

Wanderlust- Basic Tips before You Travel

Have you ever found yourself dreaming and enjoying your roller coaster ride at Hongkong Disneyland? Did you feel the thrill of orange rush in Lego Land? How about the groupie with your friends in front of Universal Studios?

It is truly undeniable that traveling abroad has now become a part of one’s bucket list. However, it requires a lot of money due to the high cost of airfare and hotel accommodation. Though a lot of agencies have sprouted like seeds and offer affordable packages. It is still important that one chooses a credible and not a fly by night agency.

Traveling is not as easy as ABC and if it is your first time, it is important for you to know what to do.

First, are your documents ready?

Your passport is your ticket to your dream destination. It is important that your passport is readily available before you travel. In case you will avail tour packages it is a necessary to give your passport number for the reservation of your tickets. It is also a must to know whether the country you will explore requires a travel visa. This is a paper that permits someone to enter and stay in a certain country. A lot of countries require visa and it is very important for you to have a necessary research to avoid any hassle on your travel.

Second, Airfare and Hotel Accommodation

It’s true that traveling abroad may cost an arm and a leg. The cost of your travel may vary depending on:

  1. The country you would like to travel
  2. Your preferred airline
  3. The exact date of your travel

The cost of your ticket may depend on which airline you prefer. Agencies also offer complete packages including airfare, hotel accommodation, tours and transfers. Advertisements from agencies are really enticing. However, you should be careful in choosing one. It is important to know whether it is credible and trustworthy. Remember that you will hand them their money. Be sure that they will take you to your dream destination.

Third, is your money enough?

It is realistic to say that you will be spending a lot abroad. From your hotel, food, taxi and city attractions; if these are included in your travel package then you don’t have to worry. However, you will surely still spend a lot on shopping. You will see different branded items, from clothes, to shoes, to accessories and bags. You will see the biggest and the most famous brands so make sure your pocket is full. One more factor to know is the currency of the place you will travel. Some are strict when it comes to currency. So it is a must to know whether you are going to bring a yen or dirham. It would also be a great help if you will make a call to your bank. Let them know about your travel and the place you would be in. Surely you don’t want to have trouble during your shopping.

Fourth, A jacket or a shirt?

The clothes you will bring will depend on the climate of the country you will visit. It would be a great help if you read the information regarding the place. This is for you to find out if it’s winter or summer. Consider the date of your travel. Have a research to know whether you will bring a jacket or a shirt.

Fifth, Techie mode on.

Surely you don’t want to miss out with the places you are going to visit. You need to have a shot of the Eiffel tower, a groupie in the Universal Studios and a jump shot at the PETRONAS Tower. This would all be possible if you have your gadgets with you. But remember, electrical outlets are different all over the world. It would be advisable to purchase an adapter with different setting before you travel. So you never have to worry about your battery.

Sixth, never forget to say Hello!

Remember that your hello is not hello in all the countries. Remember to learn the basic words of the place you will visit. This may include greetings like Hello and Thank You. Since you are a foreign in their country, it is important to show respect.

Lastly, prepare yourself.

Your travel will sound very exciting. But never forget to prepare yourself. Do not travel if you are sick. Make sure that you are healthy and fit before your flight. Your travel will be long and tiring. Be sure that you are well prepared, mentally and physically.

The road to your dream destination will never be easy. But once you get there, it will surely be worth all the efforts.

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