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Dubai : A Dream Destination

Dubai : A Dream Destination

                          In my life long journey of exploring and discovering new things around the world I would delineate Dubai as a place where modern and unique architectural designs are possible. Dubai may be a minute place in terms of land area compare to other progressive cities in the world but in other aspects Dubai may top of the lists like in tourism industry and just recently Emirates Airline topped the list of worlds best airline. That’s why every day thousands of tourists are arriving in the world’s largest and busiest airport to date. Because the city never stops in excogitating something new and fresh to its tourists.

Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab

 In my experienced, the first thought that came to my mind about this place , Dubai, is desert, oil and camels but as soon as I stepped in to this magnificent City everything changed and my eyes were mesmerized of the things I saw. It was directly opposite to what I expected of this City, the skyline is stunning and everything is close to perfection.

The Dancing Fountain
The Dancing Fountain


Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

On my first day I went directly to the biggest mall in the world, The Dubai Mall,like every other malls I’ve been to there are some similarities with it, the thing is the mall houses also the worlds largest indoor aquarium the first of its kind in the Persian Gulf, The Dubai Mall Aquarium. The Aquarium has more than a thousand species of mammals lived in harmony with each other and it offers new attractions every now and then. After which I witnessed the ever famous “Dancing Fountain” just beside the majestic Burj Khalifa. Anyway Burj is an Arabic term for Tower. It was a picturesque view that I would love to keep forever. Before I ended my first day I stopped over to another mall, The Mall of the Emirates where you can find the first indoor ski attraction, The Ski Dubai. It’s also one of the many firsts that you can find here in Dubai.

Dune Bashing
Dune Bashing

 Second Day I tried to experience the Arabian life through Dune Bashing, Belly Dancing and Camel Riding. I was kinda skeptical for a moment to try the 4×4 dune bashing I don’t really have so much trust for the driver then but when he started to drive all the fear in me squeezed me out and I just wanted to scream like there’s no tomorrow but unexpectedly I was liking it. I had so much fun the whole night through everything was new to me and I can assure you it’s a “must try”.

@ Gold Souq
@ Gold Souq

                         On my 3rd Day I went to the Gold Souq. Souq is a Arabic term for “open market area”. When you want to buy gold in more affordable prices but with good qualities then that’s a perfect place for you. It’s also a place where you can find some Arabic goods and souvenirs for all your loved ones back home. You will never go wrong when you visit the Souq because everything there is made from authentic Arabic materials.

The Atlantis Hotel
The Atlantis Hotel

On my last day in Dubai I went to the Atlantis Hotel and Aquaventure. The hotel is located on the tip of the Palm Jumeirah. It’s just one of the largest man made structure in the City. Largest in the sense that it is visible to the naked eye if you are in the moon or inside a satellite. The Atlantis Aquaventure is one of the largest water themed parks in Dubai because just a few kilometers away from it is the equally famed “Wild Wadi Adventure” themed park.
                              These are just few of the many things to explore in Dubai and I promised myself that time that I will be back to discover more of Dubai and the other Emirates. And everything fell perfectly in the right place as I was destined to work in Dubai after a few months I visited the beautiful City.
                                I will keep you posted about my life here in this grandiose City and my sweet escapades to relieve my feeling of homesickness back home. Please leave a comment below if you want to know more about this place. Shokran!

Wanderlust- Basic Tips before You Travel

Wanderlust- Basic Tips before You Travel

Have you ever found yourself dreaming and enjoying your roller coaster ride at Hongkong Disneyland? Did you feel the thrill of orange rush in Lego Land? How about the groupie with your friends in front of Universal Studios?

It is truly undeniable that traveling abroad has now become a part of one’s bucket list. However, it requires a lot of money due to the high cost of airfare and hotel accommodation. Though a lot of agencies have sprouted like seeds and offer affordable packages. It is still important that one chooses a credible and not a fly by night agency.

Traveling is not as easy as ABC and if it is your first time, it is important for you to know what to do.

First, are your documents ready?

Your passport is your ticket to your dream destination. It is important that your passport is readily available before you travel. In case you will avail tour packages it is a necessary to give your passport number for the reservation of your tickets. It is also a must to know whether the country you will explore requires a travel visa. This is a paper that permits someone to enter and stay in a certain country. A lot of countries require visa and it is very important for you to have a necessary research to avoid any hassle on your travel.

Second, Airfare and Hotel Accommodation

It’s true that traveling abroad may cost an arm and a leg. The cost of your travel may vary depending on:

  1. The country you would like to travel
  2. Your preferred airline
  3. The exact date of your travel

The cost of your ticket may depend on which airline you prefer. Agencies also offer complete packages including airfare, hotel accommodation, tours and transfers. Advertisements from agencies are really enticing. However, you should be careful in choosing one. It is important to know whether it is credible and trustworthy. Remember that you will hand them their money. Be sure that they will take you to your dream destination.

Third, is your money enough?

It is realistic to say that you will be spending a lot abroad. From your hotel, food, taxi and city attractions; if these are included in your travel package then you don’t have to worry. However, you will surely still spend a lot on shopping. You will see different branded items, from clothes, to shoes, to accessories and bags. You will see the biggest and the most famous brands so make sure your pocket is full. One more factor to know is the currency of the place you will travel. Some are strict when it comes to currency. So it is a must to know whether you are going to bring a yen or dirham. It would also be a great help if you will make a call to your bank. Let them know about your travel and the place you would be in. Surely you don’t want to have trouble during your shopping.

Fourth, A jacket or a shirt?

The clothes you will bring will depend on the climate of the country you will visit. It would be a great help if you read the information regarding the place. This is for you to find out if it’s winter or summer. Consider the date of your travel. Have a research to know whether you will bring a jacket or a shirt.

Fifth, Techie mode on.

Surely you don’t want to miss out with the places you are going to visit. You need to have a shot of the Eiffel tower, a groupie in the Universal Studios and a jump shot at the PETRONAS Tower. This would all be possible if you have your gadgets with you. But remember, electrical outlets are different all over the world. It would be advisable to purchase an adapter with different setting before you travel. So you never have to worry about your battery.

Sixth, never forget to say Hello!

Remember that your hello is not hello in all the countries. Remember to learn the basic words of the place you will visit. This may include greetings like Hello and Thank You. Since you are a foreign in their country, it is important to show respect.

Lastly, prepare yourself.

Your travel will sound very exciting. But never forget to prepare yourself. Do not travel if you are sick. Make sure that you are healthy and fit before your flight. Your travel will be long and tiring. Be sure that you are well prepared, mentally and physically.

The road to your dream destination will never be easy. But once you get there, it will surely be worth all the efforts.

Reasons Why You Must Travel To New Zealand

Reasons Why You Must Travel To New Zealand

There are heaps of reasons why you must consider going to New Zealand. However, if you want to visit, make sure that it’s the summer season. If you think New Zealand is a great place to visit, you’re not wrong. New Zealand is a great place way down under that is deserving to be a tourist destination.

Here are the reasons why you need to travel to New Zealand. Ever heard of the hit blockbuster movie Lord of the Rings? The majority of the film was shot and filmed in New Zealand, so I’m sure that you can still visit the set today. Well, if you’re a fan of the movie that is. Here are the other things that you must know why New Zealand must be included in your travel list.

New Zealand – Is It Worth The Trip?

imageThe natural beauty of the country is worth it – If you want to be with nature, then New Zealand is a must-visit. If you are too tired from the busy lights of the city, why not reward yourself with something new? The landscape in New Zealand is absolutely gorgeous! It has lakes, alpine glaciers, volcanoes, offshore islands and more natural attractions. You have to personally go to the country if you want to experience these firsthand.

Friendly locals – The locals in New Zealand are friendly and hospitable. The native, commonly known as the Kiwis, are friendly. Go on and ask questions, and you will be answered with a smile.

Don’t forget the weather- New Zealand has a notorious winter season, but during summer, you can enjoy your stay. Plus, the water is pleasant, considering that it is far from the Pacific. During summer, you don’t need to wear thick coat. The sunlight in New Zealand can stretch as long as 15 hours each day.

No problem going around – If you want to enjoy New Zealand, make sure to walk around. If you take a ride from one point to another, it will defeat the purpose of being one with nature. If you will go another town and the distance is relatively near, consider walking. You can also fly in New Zealands official airline if you will visit between key cities.

Being a tourist in New Zealand is not expensive – The value of touring in New Zealand is not as expensive as what you think. You can still go to New Zealand on a budget. You don’t need to spend thousands just to enjoy the food and the amenities it has to offer.

Festivals and events – Every year, New Zealand has several festivals and events that you can take a part of. Check online about their complete list of festivals and events so you know the best time to travel. Remember this and you will surely get a treat.

Wine! Wine! Wine! – Perhaps one of the greatest things to do in New Zealand is to visit the famous Marlborough region. This is where the world-famous Sauvignon Blancs are being made. If you are a fan of wine, you will truly enjoy a trip to the famed region. Just a word of caution; don’t drink and drive. Enjoy a wide range of wineries that will suit your taste.

If you want to have a breath of fresh air, take New Zealand into consideration. You will totally enjoy being in New Zealand. Remember these things before you go to the place, and you will surely have a pleasant vacation. What do you think about New Zealand? Is it on your travel list? We would like to hear from you. You can comment below if you wish to to know more about the beautiful country of New Zealand.

What Hong Kong Has To Offer For Tourists?

What Hong Kong Has To Offer For Tourists?

A lot of people would agree with me, particularly those who have been to Hong Kong, that it is one of the best tourist spots in the world. It is a good place to visit, but you must not take time to consider settling down. Hong Kong is a great travel spot, but you cannot enjoy living there for a long time because the cost of living is too high. However, if you wish to just visit the place, then by all means, go there.

Take a look at these reasons why you must consider going to Hong Kong if you want to experience what it has to offer. I listed the best reasons why Hong Kong is a must-visit place, and why you have to consider visiting it. See for yourself what this city has to offer and get the chance to enjoy being there.

Why It Is Important To Consider Going To Hong Kong?

imageThe Victoria harbor, need I say more? – If you are in Hong Kong, make sure to visit the majestic Victoria harbor. The ravishing light show at the Victoria harbor is a great sight to behold. It is paired with a synchronized sound sponsored by the best skyline Iin the world. This “symphony of lights” takes place every 8:00 pm.

Take a tram to see the Peak – If you want to get a good sight of the skyline of Hong Kong, take a tram. You will then be transported to the Peak. Don’t forget to take time and walk when you are on the mountain. Take your camera with you and remember the bring shots at home to make your trip more memorable.

Hiking trails – Tired of seeing tall skyscraper in the business district of Hong Kong? Why not go on a hiking trail? You can go on a hike at the so-called “dragon’s back” or the “Lion rock”. You will never go wrong when you go on a trail. Experience the beauty of the mountains, while you meet the sea. Truly, it is the best of both worlds.

A shopping haven – Hong Kong is popular for its shopping areas. You won’t go back home without buying anything from the shopping areas in Hong Kong. You can buy all sorts of stuff in Hong Kong. There are large malls, as well as shopping kiosks that will suit your budget. You don’t need to spend too much money if you want  to buy souvenirs. Hong Kong has it all for you.

The famous Mongkok – If you want to get it all in one place, then Mongkok is a great place to be. It has all kinds of items ranging from flower, sneaker and gadgets. Just be sure to keep track of your purse and bag, because this area is dense.

imageAmusement Parks – Every kid’s dream is to visit Disneyland. Well, there’s a Disneyland in Hong Kong, so you don’t have to go halfway in the world just to visit a Disneyland. Ocean Park is another hit theme park for the family. Even kids at heart can have the best experience that these amusement parks have to offer.

Experience the “Asian” Night Life – If you go visit Lan Kwai Fong, you will totally have a great experience. It’s not your average night life. It will going to be one of your best night life scenes, ever! This is a must-visit if you love partying, especially if you are already in Hong Kong.

These are the reasons why you must visit Hong Kong. Take a look at these, and consider the best possible Asian travel that Hong Kong can offer.

Planning to Visit Thailand? Take a look at these

Planning to Visit Thailand? Take a look at these

Ready for your next vacation? Why not consider Thailand? Thailand has so much to offer for every tourist. Every year, millions of tourists from around the world visit Thailand, and they obviously like the experience! Thailand is notoriously popular for its white beaches, as well as the food. There is a myriad of attractions you can have in Thailand. The good thing about these attractions and excursions is that they cater to every traveler.

Take a look at the reasons why you must visit Thailand on your next trip. This country is majestic, so you have to take time to consider visiting it. You will totally get your money’s worth if you take advantage of going to Thailand and experience what it has to offer.

Reasons To Go To Thailand

Your money will go a long way – Thailand has thrift shops, as well as shops that don’t cost too much. One thing why people love Thailand is that the food and clothing are affordable. You don’t need to spend thousands just to enjoy the place. Want to get your tummy satisfied? Go to the streets of Thailand and try their food. You will surely get the satisfaction you want, as well as the new experience. All these without spending too much money.

Friendly locals everywhere – Thailand has humble locals, and you feel like you are one of them. What I like about the locals in Thailand is that they always smile. Ask for direction and they will give you an answer with a smile. They are kind and gentle by nature. It’s like you won’t get lost in Thailand even if you actually get lost. People in Thailand welcome tourists with open arms, and I salute to that.

Bangkok is a must-visit – Bangkok is Thailand’s largest capital. It highlights the country’s nightlife and heritage. You can visit floating markets, spectacular temples, local foods, as well as rooftop bars. You will never run out of options when you visit Bangkok

imageThai food choices are simply irresistible! – If your own country serves Thai foods, then it’s okay. But nothing beats Thai foods if you’re going to try it in Thailand. There is a wide selection of Thai foods that you will surely love. I love the aroma, the texture and the richness of the taste of the Thai foods. If you really want to try authentic Thai cuisines, ask the locals. They would probably recommend the foods that are not-so-expensive but are flavorful! However, I might add that Thai people wanted to spice things up. If spicy foods are not your thing, be sure to make it known.

Phuket, Thailand
Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is an island paradise – If you are in Thailand, make sure to stop by Phuket. This is a great travel destination, especially for people who love the beach. Let’s just say that it’s a “dream vacation spot” of everyone who wants to enjoy the waters, and get away from the busy life of the metro. When in Phuket, you can have several attractions like snorkeling, scuba diving and watersports. Also, you can visit the Khao Phra Thaew National Park. This is a great place for people who love hiking.

Thailand’s location is ideal for every traveler – If you are within the neighboring countries of Thailand, then you won’t have any problems going to this majestic travel hub. It can likewise be a good travel spot for Western countries. It provides a perfect place to begin your travel, or to end it. Thailand is simply amazing.

Now, you must head out and experience what Thailand has to offer. These are enough reasons to help you find a place in Thailand and explore. With great beaches, amazing culture and spectacular food selections, Thailand must be the next place you must visit.

Why you must Travel to Singapore

Why you must Travel to Singapore

What’s there to look forward to Singapore? A plethora of choices. The foods, the people and the sceneries. Singapore is one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia, considering its size. You can take a trip all around Singapore in just one day! However, if you are planning your next trip, make sure to consider Singapore. If you want to take a great travel escapade, Singapore has a lot to offer.

Take a look at these reasons why you must consider visiting Singapore. Singapore is simply irresistible. Read on to know more about the beauty of this country, and what you can do when in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands

Why Singapore Is A Must-Visit Country?

You won’t have a dull moment in Singapore – Singapore has entertainment for local and foreign tourists all year long. The jam-packed events calendar of Singapore means that you will get amazing entertainment options regardless of the month and season you will visit. One good example of a popular festival in Singapore is the Chingay Parade. It’s a spectacle showcasing multicultural dance and music. Likewise, Singapore is a must-visit for sports buff. It hosts major international events like the WTA Finals, Formula One and World Rugby Sevens Series.

Don’t miss out on Singapore’s spectacular architecture – In Singapore, you can have the best of both worlds. You can check out the old architectural feat of the country, as well as the popular tourist destinations and shopping malls. Don’t miss out on the skyline in Singapore. Visit it at night and you can get a viewing pleasure from the lights of these amazing skyline.

A food haven – Did he say food haven? Yes, that’s Singapore for you. If you love foods on your travel, you will surely love Singapore. Singapore’s food choices are diverse. The influence of the neighboring countries can be felt, and tasted from their food offerings. Street foods are a hit in Singapore. While you are in the country, be sure to wander around and try these street foods for yourself. Likewise, they have top-rated restaurants if you are a bit of a classy person. Every year, Singapore hosts a Food Expo, where thousands of food enthusiasts gather to offer amazing dishes to everyone.

Singapore nightlife is simply out of this world – If you’re tired from a day’s stroll in Singapore, you can sit down and simply enjoy the nightlife. Singapore is known for its amazing nightlife. Go bar-hopping. Dance the night away. Or, you can simply sit with your friends over coffee and enjoy what Singapore has to offer. You have all the choices, so make sure to make your stay worthwhile.

Every shopper’s dream destination – If you are into a shopping spree, look no further. Singapore is totally a paradise for shoppers. No extra cash? No problem. The choices in Singapore cater to every shopper. You can buy luxury items, or you can visit thrift shops and get your money’s worth. Regardless, you get to find all the exciting purchase to meet your shopping craving. You can even shop at the Changi Airport! It has a wide range of shopping outlets for everyone!

A diverse culture – Singapore has become the destination of travelers from its neighboring countries, as well as the western nations. Singapore is where different cultures meet, talk and have fun. There is a wide range of cultural and religious festivals throughout the year. Plus, you can meet new friends along the way. Singapore is indeed a country worth visiting.

So, what do you think? Is Singapore the next travel destination that you wanted to visit? With these reasons, you can totally understand why the country has become one of the top destinations for tourists.

Traveling with a Baby? No Problem

Traveling with a Baby? No Problem

If you are traveling with a baby, you must enjoy every bit of your destination. Traveling with a baby will provide a whole new experience for you and your family. Do not think of a baby as a hindrance, which will give problems in your travel. With each travel, you need to embrace the changes along the way. You can also learn how to deal with your future travels with your baby.

It is important to consider the best travel tips when traveling with a baby. You need to adjust. It’s true. But you need to consider the best tips to help enjoy your travel experience now that you have a baby. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice if you take pictures of your travel with your baby, then when your baby grow up, he will know that he’s already a part of your travel expedition?

So, take a look at these tips to keep in mind when traveling with a baby.

Travel Tips With Your Baby

You must label up – Your baby must not hand around at the luggage carousel. It might appear awkward. Instead, use a white marker and write your surname on the travel cot. This is better than when you use a luggage tag. It won’t fall off and you don’t need to find the tag every time.

Travel with small bags – Remember that you are now going to travel with a baby. So, the baby would become the most precious “luggage”. You don’t need to travel with big bags. Instead, pack with small bags. This will help you be comfortable on your route to your destination. It’s tough to carry your baby around, as well as your big bags. So, make sure to travel lightly.

Consider premium economy – Remember that you will breastfeed your baby, so make sure to consider the ideal flight. You want to at least be in a premium economy because it is essential for breastfeeding moms. Check the price of each flight. If the price difference is not that expensive, then go for a premium economy. You need to consider paying more because you need to make your baby as comfortable as possible.

Pack lightly – If you are traveling with your baby, make sure to pack lightly. As mentioned above, it is important to consider packing lightly for the benefit of your own baby. Bring only the essentials. There is no point of traveling with several luggages if you are also with your baby. It will only be troublesome. As much as possible, you have to travel with your baby alongside the essentials such as your purse, phone and the baby things.

Never overdo your travel – If you are used to traveling without a baby, then you have to adjust this time. During the times when you are traveling without a baby, your itineraries would be from the morning until late in the evening. But now, you have to make adjustments for the baby. Take things much slower. Also, look over to your baby. It is best if you visit tourist sites after your baby has woken up. Bring with you every essential baby needs.

You must eat early – Even with a baby, you can still eat fancy meals. However, make sure that you will head to the restaurant as early as possible. This way, it will be quieter, so your baby will be more comfortable. Also, consider the other people around you.

There you have it. It’s never a problem to travel with your babies. All you have to do is to consider the essential tips to help you travel with babies.What do you think of these tips? Let me know in the comment below.

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How to pick a Great Restaurants when Traveling?

How to pick a Great Restaurants when Traveling?

Finding the great restaurants while you are on a trip is important. We all wanted to try the delicacies that a certain tourist spot offers. However, finding the best places to dine and to drink offers a brand new experience for your travel. As a food lover, you have to make sure to find the great restaurants while traveling. It must be one of your priorities. So, here are the tips on how you can pick the best restaurants in your travel.

Be sure to take advantage of these tips if you wish to get the chance to dine in the best restos when you travel. Take a look at these and consider them on your next trip.

What Do You Need To Know To Try The Best Restaurants?

Careful research and planning – The most important factor in knowing great restaurants is to research and plan. Of course, you may find the best restaurants along the way, but it is important to research and plan before actually going to your destination. Today, there are websites that can help you know the top restaurants of your travel destinations. They also include the user reviews, so you can check what other travelers are saying about the restaurants. Likewise, you can check the prices of these restaurants, so your budget will be ready, just in case.

Be specific when asking the Concierge – Before you stay at a hotel, you can ask the Concierge for their restaurant recommendations. The concierge of the hotel knows about the best restaurants in the city or the nearby area. Likewise, you can even get access to the places where it is hard to book. You can even get last minute reservations and have extra advice on where you can dine.

Ask the locals – When you are already in your destination, you can ask help from the locals. They are the ones who know the best restaurants in their place, obviously. Just by talking to the locals, you can never know which hidden restaurant gems you can go to. At times, the locals will direct you towards the “real best restaurants”. For them, it is not important if you will eat in an expensive hotel. The best part about asking the locals is that they give you directions to the restaurants that truly serve authentic dishes without letting you spend tons of money.

Look for food blogs – But of course you need to check food blogs! You can always trust the advice of your favorite food bloggers. They won’t tell a lie in their reviews, unless they are getting paid for it. Their blog posts are according to their personal experience, which is why you can truly have the information about the best restaurants in your travel destination. Always check the local food bloggers where you will go. They have a great knowledge where to eat amazing food.

The power of social media – When organizing a trip, it is important to likewise know the food that the place offers. This is one of the most essential parts of your travel. Aside from the majestic sceneries, you also need to know where to eat. Not just eat, but to enjoy what the destination has to offer in terms of great quality foods. Social media can likewise help you find more about your travel destination, as well as the food its restaurants offer.

So, there you go. Here are the best ways to find the most amazing restaurants in your travel destination. Make sure to consider these pointers on your next travel. They would provide amazing help in your attempt to maximize your trip. I hope you find this post informative. Let me know your comment below.

How to pack on your next trip

How to pack on your next trip

If you have a schedule for your next trip, then you must know how to pack the essentials. Traveling does not require travelers to pack as many things as they can have. If you pack wisely, then you will not have a hard time figuring out which things to include and which things not to.

Whether you will travel to another country or locally, you still need to know how to efficiently pack for any trip. Perhaps these tips can help you. Take note that the things to be packed depend on your travel escapade. Are going on a camping? To the beach? Or in a place where there is snow? Needless to say, be sure to pack according to your travel needs.

The first thing to consider before you pack is to know that it is ideal to take as few as possible. You only need to bring with you the essentials. Some people, especially those first-timers, have one or two luggages when going on a trip. It is as if they will stay there for months! One more thing to know is the duration of your visit. Of course, if you will stay for a longer time, then you have to pack more clothing and personal hygiene kit. But also keep these things in mind when packing to save time, energy and space.

Keep These Things With You When Traveling

• Important travel documents – The last thing you want to do is to spend the night in some embassy because you forgot all the essential travel documents for your trip. Before you travel, be sure that you have all the important documents such as passport, cash and credit cards. This is important! If you want to gain access to another country, passport is your ticket. Keep this in mind, otherwise you would end up regretting your trip rather than enjoying it.
• All personal items must be in your carry-on bag – Documents, mobile phone, cash, charger and headphones must all be included in your carry-on bag. It is also a good idea to include your personal hygiene in your hand carry because you never know when you need to go to the bathroom. But be sure that your hand carry is light. Don’t clutter your carry-on bag with so many items that are non-essential.
• Choose what you need to include in your bag – The things to be included in your bag are your clothing, and other personal kits. Pick a bag that is versatile. You have to choose a bag that is easy to carry around and can withstand any force against it. You never know the terrains that you might encounter along your trip, so make sure that your bag is built to last.
• Pack your stuff- Like mentioned, you have to pack your stuff in the bag. These include clothing such as underwear, shirts, sleepwear, jeans and jackets. If your destination is on the beach, then make sure to include swimwear. Personally, sunglasses are a must have during travel. It helps you get a better look of everything, especially if it’s a bright, sunny day. Also, use comfortable shoes. For ladies, avoid high heels, because the last thing you wanted to do is to dance ballroom in the middle of your travel.
These things can help you have a better travel experience. It is not always essential to pack large chunks of your personal belongings. If you really want to maximize the comfort of your trip, pack lightly and wisely. These steps can help you have an idea of the important things to pack. Do you agree with these things? Do you have anything to add? Let me know in the comment below.

Majestic Tourist Spots in the Philippines

Majestic Tourist Spots in the Philippines

The Philippines offers a lot of great tourist spots for everybody. Whether you are a foreign or a local tourist, make sure to consider these travel spots on your bucket list. One of the most defining traits of the Filipinos is their hospitality. Wherever you go, you will be welcomed with a smile and with friendliness. The Philippines has so many vacation spots to offer, which is why there is no wonder that millions of tourists from all over the world visit the country annually.

I listed the best tourist destinations in the Philippines, so you can get an idea how diverse the culture and the offerings in the country. It is important to make sure that you consider these on your next trip because you will never go wrong. With a rich cultural heritage and delicious foods that will surely make your travel more awesome, the Philippines is truly one of the best countries to consider for your next vacation.

The Best Tourist Destinations In The Philippines

Albay, Bicol – Albay is the home to the world-famous Mayon Volcano. Just by looking at this perfect cone-shaped volcano will give you the awe, but in a good way. Tourists can enjoy a number of great activities in Albay like climbing, hiking, camping and of course, photography. If you want to get the full scale of the Mayon Volcano, go to the nearby Cagsawa ruins. You can take pictures from there. The Cagsawa Church was nearly destroyed by the most devastating Mayon Volcano eruption in 1814. Now, only the belfry of the church is left. Still, it is a great place to visit in the Philippines.

Mayon Volcano , Albay
Mayon Volcano , Albay

Puerto Galera – If you like beaches, then you are in for some adventure. Puerto Galera, located south of the country’s capital, Manila, is one of the best places to visit if you like to spend time at the beach. With a wide range of marine animals in Puerto Galera, as well as top-rated beaches, you will surely enjoy your visit. You can likewise go snorkeling to be with the amazing marine environment. Likewise, the beaches of Puerto Galera have their own offerings, such as dining, shopping, and hotel accommodation.

Puerto Galera
Puerto Galera

Bohol – Bohol is the home of the Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills are among the Philippines’ top tourist spots. At least 1,268 hills are scattered throughout the island of Bohol. When it is summer, the grasses of the Chocolate Hills turn brown, therefore, the name. Likewise, there are other attractions in the place such as hiking. If you are with your friends, the Chocolate Hills in Bohol are a must visit. Their food choices are also a must-try. The local delicacies will surely make your trip more worthwhile.

Chocolate Hills , Bohol
Chocolate Hills , Bohol

Puerto Princesa – The Tubbataha Reef in the Philippines is another top tourist site. It is located in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, and it is home to different marine animals. The reef is made up of two atolls, namely North Atoll and South Atoll. They are separated by a deep channel. If you are into diving, then the Tubbataha Reef is a must visit. It is open for everyone who loves diving excursions. If you consider going to the Tubbataha Reef, be sure to book your visit between the months of April and June. These months have the calmest waves, so you can maximize your trip.
If you love the Philippines, then you have to consider these tourist spots. There are more travel destinations in the Philippines that can help you have a great trip. But consider the travel destinations mentioned above. With the warm hospitality of the Filipinos, you will totally enjoy your travel getaway! Do you want to consider these places on your next travel? Let us know in the comment below.

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