Gili Islands: A must visit Indonesian Islands

Gili Islands: A must visit Indonesian Islands

imagePlanning a relaxing getaway? Why not travel to Gili Islands in Indonesia? There are a lot of things that Indonesia has to offer. There are different travel spots in Indonesia, but Gili Islands are a must-see. In the last few years, the popularity of the islands of Gili has increased. Travelers must consider going to these islands to have the time of their lives. If you want to take a trip in Asia, then going to Indonesia must definitely be on your top list. If you need some convincing about having a travel escapade in Indonesia, consider the top reasons why you must travel to Gili Islands.

There are lots of things to do in the islands of Gili. Here are the reasons why spending your vacation in these wonderful islands is totally worth it:

imageYou’ll love the beaches – Gili Islands are a paradise for people who love beaches. Indeed, they have some the nicest beaches in the world. For travelers who want to have a fulfilled experience, the beaches of Gili Islands are a must-try. The crystal-clear water, the clean surroundings and the beach bars are all amazing! You won’t see any litter on the beaches of Gili Islands.

imageDiving and snorkeling haven – If you’re a fan of diving and snorkeling, look no further. The Gili Islands are among the most popular diving and snorkeling sites in Indonesia, and perhaps around the world. You’ll never go wrong when you swim among the colorful marine life in the waters of the islands. You can get the enchanted feeling that your time on the island is truly worth it.

The Gili Islands are without any traffic – If you really want to feel relaxed, then Gili Islands got you covered. They don’t have any vehicles in the islands, except for rental bicycles. But everything in the islands seems so close that you can just take a walk and enjoy the views.

Everybody is welcome on the islands, except your pet – Everybody is welcome to visit the islands of Gili. But be sure not to bring your pet dog. The locals of the islands are Muslims. They have this rule about dogs being prohibited on the islands. So, if you want to have the best experience on these islands, learn to respect their rules.

The sunset is magical – Do you think you have seen the best sunset there is? Think again. In Gili islands, you can feel the magical effect of the sunset. There’s no word to describe the feeling of witnessing the sun set. You will get the feeling that you are indeed one with nature. It’s just you and the sunset. Absolutely relaxing.

The food offering is phenomenal! – If you love food trips, then you came to the right place. The Gili Islands offer excellent choices of Indonesian dishes. Even if you have spent days in the islands, you will never run out of new food choices. Plus, their food offerings don’t cost a fortune. So, you can eat anything you want without breaking the bank.

How To Get To The Gili Islands

You can ride a ferry boat or a speed boat if you plan to go to the islands of Gili. A ferry boat is economical and the fare is cheap. While if you consider a speed boat, you must be prepared to pay much more. But you can go to the islands in a faster and more fun way! These are the reasons why you must travel to Gili Islands. If you are in for an adventure, then consider your next holiday in Indonesia. Gili Islands will definitely deliver a magical experience. What are your thoughts? Do you consider Gili Islands as your next travel escapade? Let us know in the comment below. Terima kasih!

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